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Matching Swimsuits | Swan Float | Bonnet | White Two-Piece Set | Hammock Swing | Layered Ruffle Maxi Dress | Ring Sling | “Be Kind” Tee | Matching Striped Pj’s: Baby, Adult | Striped Dress | White Bow | Matching Bird Pj’s: Baby, Adult

In two months, Hazel is going to be 1! Eek! She is becoming such a big girl! I love her little personality more than ever! She is also getting so close to walking and I can’t wait! Is it just me or do baby clothes look way cuter on a standing/walking baby? lol. When they’re upright, it just shows off the outfit better, you know? Anyways, below are some of my favorite moments and memories from the past month 🙂

-Trying to take Hazel shopping and trying on clothes in the dressing room. Hazel crawled into the dressing room next to us twice to get other peoples shoes.

-She can now give high fives.

-She loves to give the dogs open mouth kisses. We’re constantly having to tell the dogs to stop licking her. Haha!

-My first time being away from Hazel overnight (for 3 night!) and she got her first fever. Thank goodness for an amazing Daddy who took great care of her.

-Seeing her after being away from her for 3 days. I smothered her with kisses.

-All the loud Hazel giggles when we play chase or hide-and-seek.

-She loves drinking from a straw.

-Watching Hazel play with her cousin, Shad. Shad is 8 months older than her and Hazel loves to try and copy everything he does. They also love to hug and kiss each other…it’s the cutest!

-She blows kisses with the back of her hand.

-Hazel loves opening the kitchen cupboards and finding things to play.

-She has been practicing standing more and she also loves to push the walker around. I can’t wait for her to start walking on her own.

-Seeing her face light up when she sees her Daddy.

-The fake laugh she does when she thinks she does something funny or sees other people laughing. This girl sure has a sense of humor!

XO, Kacie


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