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When the weather is nice, we like to spend as much time as possible outside. There’s just something about being outside in the sun that really wears a kid out and makes them nap extra good, which this mama is a fan of. Haha! Of course, we do the typical activities like going for a walk, going to the park, and swimming at the pool, but it’s also fun to get creative, explore, and learn with our activities. All of these activities promote development in all areas, as well as math, science, and language development. Below are 10 of our favorite outdoor activities that involve all of the above.

outdoor toddler activities 1. Object Painting: Ditch the paint brushes and give your toddler unexpected items to paint. Some ideas of objects to paint with are:

  • Cotton balls
  • Q-tips
  • Marbles
  • Cars
  • Feet or hands
  • Scrub Brushes: give your child a variety of sizes and types, and let them experiment with the designs they will create.
  • Straws: use a straw to blow the paint around in the paper. Toothbrushes: these can be used for splatter painting.
  • Bubble Wrap: tape bubble wrap to a table, paint bubble wrap, then place a piece of paper on top to make a print.
  • Eye Droppers + Coffee Filter: Have your child fill the eye droppers with watercolor and drop the colors onto a coffee filter. Watch the absorption in action and colors mix.

2. Water Table: You don’t need a pool to have fun in the water. Get a water table and watch your child splash and play! Add cups for them to scoop up and pour out water or add bubbles and plastic farm animals so they can give their animals a bath. Get creative! They will have endless fun!

3. Scavenger Hunts: Create a picture list (because toddlers can’t read) of items around your backyard or neighborhood (a pink flower, rocks, etc) and go on a hunt for them. It’s a fun way to get some extra energy out.

outdoor activities for toddler4. Sensory Tub: Find a tub you have lying around the house and fill it with any of these 15 fun and easy sensory tub ideas.

outdoor summer activities for toddlers
5. Squirt Bottle with Food Coloring: Fill a squirt bottle with water and a few drops of food coloring. Let your child spray a piece of paper, themselves, the sidewalk, etc.

6. Painting with Water: Give your toddler a paint brush and a pan filled with water and food coloring, and let them paint the sidewalk. A roller paint brush always gets them extra excited about this activity!

7. Bubble Machine: Set up a bubble machine, then sit back and relax while you watch your child run through the bubbles.

8. Ice Cube of Toys: Freeze some toys in a big ice cube, then bring it outside and hand them a toy hammer, screwdriver, or a kitchen spoon, and let them bang at the ice cube to get their toys out. Being outside in the sun will help the ice melt and make it easier for them to get their toys.

10 outdoor activities for toddler
9. Gardening: You can have them help pant and pull weeds in your real garden or they can create their own little garden by planting seeds in cups. Grass seed is a great option because it grows quickly. When grass grows, they can cut it with scissors.

10. Throwing Sponges: Buy some sponges at the dollar store, then fill a bucket (or use your water table) with water and the sponges. Your child will have fun throwing the sponges around outside and squeezing the water out of them.

What are some your your favorite activities to do with you toddler when the weather is nice?

XO, Kacie

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