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Indoor Activities For Toddlers Christmas

Christmas season is my favorite time of the year and it’s even more fun with kids. But it also means it’s cold and rainy and not as much fun to be outside. To entertain Hazel and to get us in the Christmas spirit we’ve been doing a lot of fun Christmas themed indoor activities (we’ve even built a snowman inside!). I thought I’d share of what we’ve been doing in case you want to do them too. A lot of these are activities that we do year-round and I’ve just added a Christmas flare to them, so even if it’s not Christmas or you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can still do these with your toddler. And I have another post with more indoor activities here.

Reindeer Christmas Craft For Toddlers

  • Paper plate reindeer: Have your toddler color on a white paper plate. Using brown construction paper, trace your child’s hand and cut it out. Glue those to the back of the plate to make the antlers. Then have your toddler glue on eyes and a nose.

  • Christmas Sensory Tub: Throw whatever Christmas supplies you have lying around into a tub and let your child play and explore. Some ideas are filling it with wrapping supplies like crinkle paper shreds, bows, and bells, or red and green colored rice (recipe here) with bells and christmas toy figures, or create a sensory tub with items found in nature like pinecones, beans, pine needles, ect.

  • Build a snowman: We live where it doesn’t snow so we have to get creative when it comes to making a snowman. There’s a few ways to build/decorate an indoor snowman with no snow. The first, spray paint 3 boxes of different sizes white. You and your toddler can stack the boxes, color on them, and use your old scarves and hats to dress the snowman. Your toddler will also have fun knocking the boxes over. The second option is to turn your toddler into a snowman. Use white tissue paper to wrap around them and dress them up with your scarves and hats. You could also use tissue paper to dress up one of their big stuffed animals. And the third option is to make a felt snowman. Using white felt, cut out three big circles. Staple the white circles to the wall to create the snowman’s body. Then use felt to cut out a hat, eyes, nose, buttons, etc. Let your toddler put all the snowman parts on the felt snowman.

Diy Santa Puppet Toddlers

  • Christmas puppet: You can make any Christmas character like a snowman or reindeer, using a brown paper bag. We chose to make Santa. I cut construction paper into the shapes needed for his hat, clothes, etc. Then I had Hazel glue on cotton balls for his beard, googly eyes, his hat, etc.

  • Make Christmas Playdough: In a large bowl combine 3 cups flour, 1 ½ cups salt, 6 tsp cream of tartar, 6 TBS oil, 3 Cups water. Mix together. Optional: add desired food coloring. Cook over low heat until a ball forms. Allow it to cool and then knead in either peppermint extract or essential oil, vanilla extract, or cinnamon + allspice. Give your child some Christmas shaped cookie cutters to play with the playdough.

Diy Felt Christmas Tree 1

  • Decorate a Felt Christmas Tree: You can see my full post on how to make a felt Christmas tree here.

  • Christmas contact paper: Cut out contact paper in the shape of a christmas tree.Tape it to the wall with the sticky side of the contact paper facing out. Give your child items like feathers and pompoms to decorate the tree with.

  • Paint Ice: Fill up a big tub of water and place it in the freezer until it’s frozen solid. Give your child some red and green paint and let them paint the ice. If you add salt to the paint it will help it to melt the ice more quickly. When the ice is covered in paint, rinse it off to clean the ice and let your toddler paint it again. It’s a great science experiment for them too!

Melted Snowman Craft

  • Melted snowman: Mix equal parts shaving cream and glue. Let your child spoon it out onto a pieces of construction paper. Then give your toddler “snowman parts” to place on the melted snowman.

  • Noodle Wreath: In a bag, mix 1 cup of dry, uncooked noodles with 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, and a few drops of red or green food coloring. Shake to mix, and then spread out on a pieces of aluminum foil to dry. Meanwhile, cut out the middle of a white paper plate to create your wreath.You can even let your toddler color the wreath. Once the noodles have dried, have your toddler glue the colored noodles onto your paper plate wreath. You can give them extra supplies like a bow to add to their wreath.

Diy Fake Snow

  • Make Snow: Have your toddler help pour 1 pound of baking soda into a bowl and spray in shaving cream. Add a little shaving cream, mix it together, and add more until you get the desired consistency. You can also add essential oils to give it a nice festive smell. Toss it all in a tub and let your child play! You can also give your child spoons and buckets to play with in the snow.

Cottonball Snowman Craft For Toddlers

  • Cotton ball snowman: On a piece of construction paper, draw three circles to make a snowman. Let your toddler put glue on the paper in the circle and let them place cotton balls on top of the glue to make the snowman body. Using construction paper or foam paper, cut out a hat, scarf, and nose. Then let your toddler glue and place the snowman parts you cut out + googly eyes and buttons on the snowman. We used pipe cleaners for the arms.

  • Cardboard Christmas Ball Toss: With a big pieces of cardboard, either cut it into a festive shape, like a snowman or christmas tree, or paint a festive picture on it. Then cut big holes in it. Buy some fake snowballs (or roll up a pair of white socks) and let your toddler toss them into the holes.

Indoor Activities For Toddlers

  • Christmas Tree Balance Beam: Place duct tape on the floor in a festive Christmas shape and let your toddler practice their “balancing” skills. I’m not super artistic so I made mine a simple tree using green duct tape, but you could also use yellow duct tape to make a star, or make a bell or stocking shape. Our tape Christmas tree is hidden under our rug so I just roll up our rug when Hazel wants to play on it.

Christmas Crown Toddler Craft

  • Make a Christmas Crown: Cut out the middle of a paper plate into a fun Christmas shape like a Christmas tree or a snowman. Let your toddler color and decorate it.

Diy Christmas Ornament Toddlers

  • Candy cane ornament: For this all you need is a pipe cleaner (I recommend white or red) and some white and red beads. Bend/tie a knot at one end of the pipe cleaner and have your toddler string the beads onto the pipe cleaner. Then bend/tie a knot at the other end and bend it into the shape of a candy cane.

Dance To Christmas Music

  • Dance to Christmas music in front of the Christmas tree: So easy and so fun!

  • Abominable snowman stomp: Wrap your toddlers feet in bubble wrap and let them stomp around the house like the Abominable Snowman. The bubble wrap will pop and be extra fun for them!

  • Christmas Placemat: Let your toddler color/decorate a pieces of construction paper. You can cut out pictures from old Christmas cards for them to glue on, give them Christmas stickers to add to the paper, or the can squeeze out some glue onto the paper and top it with glitter. It’s also a great idea to write out their name in big letters so they trace it with their fingers to start learning their letters. Once it’s all decorated and the glue has dried, cover it in contact paper, and they’ve got their very own placemat.

Christmas Activities For Toddlers

  • Make a snowflake (paint): On a canvas board, apply tape in the shape of a snowflake and let your toddler paint the canvas with blue and white paint (or whatever colors you want). When they’re done peel the tape off to reveal their snowflake art.

I hope you guys have a fun holiday season full of lots of memories with your kids!

XO, Kacie


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