3 Tips To Make Your Eyes Stand Out

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Tip to Make Your Eyes Stand Out
I used to think I had really huge eyes, like Anne Hathaway or Amanda Seyfried big. I mean, people always say big brown eyes and I have brown eyes so they must be big too. Apparently the two don’t go hand-in-hand. I learned that my freshman year of high school when one of my classmates pointed out that my eyes are “kind of small”. Since then, it has been my mission to prove that classmate wrong. By golly, my eyes will be both brown and big and they will stand out more! Below are the best tips I’ve learned to make my eyes stand out and look bigger.
Younique's 3D FiberLash Mascara Review
1. Fill In Your Eyebrows
This is so important! Eyebrows frame your face and by filling them in, you will feel instantly more polished. You may find that a lot of people are looking into microblading, if you’re looking for this service, I’ve hear that ‘microblading bay area‘ has got some great reviews! It will add definition to your face and accentuate your eyes. A total must when trying to make your eyes really stand out. To get the perfect look, match your eyebrows to your hair color. For blondes, match to the darkest shade in your hair and for brunettes, match to the lightest shade in your hair. I use the Salon Perfect Brow Defining Kit. I’ve also heard great things about the Anastasia BrowWiz pencil and the Anastasia BrowDip Pomade. I plan to try one of those products next.
First of all let me just say that your eyelashes haven’t lived until they’ve tried this product! It’s that amazing! Like most women, I’ve always dreamed of having full, thick lashes, but unfortunately I was not blessed with amazing lashes nor was I blessed with the patience and skill it requires to put on fake lashes. Then came Younique’s 3D FiberLash Mascara and my prayers for gorgeous thick lashes were answered. It comes with two tubes, a tube of gel and a tube of natural fibers, that at first glance look like they’d be regular ol’ mascara but they are much much more than that. First you apply a coat of the gel on your eyelashes like you would apply regular mascara (making sure to really wiggle it into your lashes), then immediately brush the fibers over your lashes, and finish with a second coat of the gel to set the fibers in place (the directions say to use regular mascara at some point but I skip that part, although I do use regular mascara for my bottom lashes). I find it’s easiest to do one eye at a time. The results are full natural looking lashes that last all day! The fibers have never flaked off on me but with a little eye makeup remover (I use coconut oil), they are easily removed at the end of the day. Now that I’ve gotten used to having such full lashes from this product, I don’t ever want to go back. My eyes have never stood out so much! I’m pretty sure if I was stranded on an island and could only bring one beauty product, it would be this. Get it! Now!
3. Nude Eyeliner
If you want your eyes to look bigger, nude eyeliner is your best friend. It really makes your eyes pop! It makes them look bright and big and it’s more natural looking and a lot less harsh than white liner. When you first put it on, it might feel like a little too bold but after a few minutes it blends in and looks a lot more natural while still making such a huge difference. I use Rimmel London Eyeliner in nude but there so many other options too.
Tip to Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Before: No Brow Fill, Wearing Regular Mascara, No Nude Liner
After: Filling in Brows, 3D FiberLash Mascara, Nude Liner
So there you have it folks and rude classmate, never again will someone tell me I have “kind of small” eyes! My eyes will stand out and be the star of the show my face!
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