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5 diy baby toys

Our house is filled with baby toys these days, and it still doesn’t seem to be enough. Hazel’s interest in toys last for a few minutes and then she’s on to the next, so I’m constantly pulling out new toys to entertain her. In order to not go broke by spending all our money on toys, I’ve made Hazel a few toys out of items we have around the house and she loves them! Sometimes the best toys, aren’t actually toys.

diy baby toys

1. Maraca: What baby doesn’t love to make noise? Add beans or rice to an empty plastic bottle (I like this one because the cap is big and not choke-able) and let them shake it and make lots of noise…I mean music 😉 If you’re concerned about your child being able to twist the lid off, you can clue or tape it on.


homemade baby toys

2. Scarf Dispenser: Babies love to pull toilet paper off the roll or pull tissue out of the box, so this is a fun toy for them and less mess for you to clean up. Just put some silky scarves or ties or whatever you have around the house in an empty wipes container or tissue box, and let your baby pull them all out.


baby fun

3. Pots and Pans: This is Hazel’s favorite! Place some pots, pans, and spatulas on the floor and watch your baby be entertained for minutes…let’s be honest, minutes is a long time in baby land. Ha! But seriously, they really are so entertaining for babies. Hazel loves to bang the spatula on the pot and pans, and push the baking dishes around on the kitchen floor. Easiest DIY toy ever!


no cost homemade baby toys

4. Boxes: Boxes can be used for so many different fun things. You can build a play house out of a big box (like a refrigerator or washing machine box) and babies love crawling in and through boxes too. You can also cut holes in the top of the box for your baby to drop toys in. Then they can lift up the lid, pull out all of the toys, and do it all over again.


no cost diy baby toys

5. Obstacle Course: Climbing up uneven/incline surfaces helps with your babies balance,  coordination, and motor development. It also helps build their confidence because it’s a challenge they can overcome. Place some couch cushions and/or pillows on the floor and watch your baby conquer that mountain.


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If you have any other DIY toy ideas, leave me a comment. I’d love to hear them so I can make them for Hazel too 🙂

XO, Kacie

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