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I remember when I was pregnant with Hazel, I was so nervous about doing everything right. Was I eating the right foods and taking care of myself the right way? Was I giving my body and Hazel, everything needed so she could grow and be healthy? I remember thinking, “I can’t wait for her to be born so I can stop worrying about her so much”. And then she was born and I realized that the nervousness and worry you feel never goes away. Hazel was born with hip dysplasia in both hips (her legs would pop out of the socket during diaper changes) and she had to be in a harness for the first 5 months of her life. The first time I had to put the harness on her myself, I was so nervous I’d do it wrong or hurt her somehow. I was nervous she was going to be delayed physically due to the harness and was nervous for how this would affect her future. But I was also hopeful that they harness would work, and she’d soon be hitting all the milestones. And it did work and she did hit those milestones! But the nerves haven’t gone away. I think it’s just part of motherhood. When one worry goes away, you find something else to worry about. Now, I’m nervous about being a good mom and if I’m giving her every she needs. And although the nervous feeling doesn’t go away neither does the feeling of hope and excitement, and that feeling is the best! When I look at Hazel and my growing belly with our second baby girl, I feel so much hope for what the future holds for them and for us as a family. I’m so excited to be blessed with this little family of mine and I want to give them everything they need to have the best life. And those things are pretty simple…

  1. Quality Time: There is nothing your child needs more than you…well, maybe food, water, and air. Haha! But seriously, spending time with your child, holding them, comforting them, and letting them know how loved and valued they are is so important. Children want and need your time and attention. When I’m with Hazel, I put my phone down and try to get rid of all distractions, so that I can give her all the attention she needs. Time together makes both of us so happy!
  2. Quality Products: Having quality products goes hand-in-hand with quality care. For us this meant using Pampers diapers and wipes. With Hazel’s hip dysplasia, she needed to be in the pavlik harness the majority of the time (she had to be in it 24/7 for the first month and then slowing started getting more harness free time). This meant we couldn’t afford for her to have blowouts that would get on her harness, requiring the harness to be washed, and her to be harness free while we waiting for it to be washed and dried. We needed diapers we could trust. Not only do we trust Pampers with their ability to withstand baby blowouts, but now we also trust the ingredients in the new Pampers Pure collection. The Pampers Pure diapers are made with pure ingredients without chlorine bleaching, fragrance or parabens. They are hypoallergenic and made with plant-based fibers and other thoughtfully selected materials so they’re good for my baby’s skin. Plus, like I said, the Pampers leak protection is unbeatable in my opinion, and to top it off, the Pampers Pure diapers come in adorable prints. The Pampers Aqua Pure wipes are made with 99% water and are free of alcohol, parabens, dyes and fragrance. They get the job done quick and with a now, very active 18 month old who hates diaper changes, we need diaper changes to be quick! Haha! I get my Pampers Pure Diapers and Pampers Pure Aqua Wipes from Walmart.com. They qualify for free shipping once you spend $35 (which is one box of diapers and one 6-count box of wipes!). You can also find them at some Walmart stores but I think ordering online is easier 🙂
  3. Quality Listening: This starts from day one. Listen to your child’s cries and coos, and know what they mean. For the first year to two years, crying, getting fussy, throwing fits, etc. is the only way you child knows to communicate. Show them empathy and let them know they are being heard. Listening to and acknowledging Hazel’s feelings (even if she doesn’t always get her way) really helps to limit the amount of fits she throws. She just wants to know she’s being heard. Empathy, understanding, and having someone who will listen is something that ever child/person needs. Listen to your child even when what they have to say isn’t “important” (like when they’re rambling on about their days events and you can’t quite understand what they’re saying) because it is important to them. If you want your child to talk to you about things when they’re teenagers, you need to set that foundation of listening to them when they’re young.
  4. Quality Conversation: Talk to your child from day one. Sing songs, narrate your day, and read books. This will not only help with their development, but it will form a bond between the two of you. Hazel and I do all of these things daily. We also eat all our meals together to start the tradition of family meal time and family conversation time. And when we’re on car rides, and she gets fussy, we talk about what we’re driving past or we sing songs. It’s so much better than giving her a screen to look at!
  5. Quality Play: Playing is a child’s work. It’s what they need and are supposed to do daily. It’s when that have a chance to explore and discover their world. It’s when that have an opportunity to put all those things they’ve been learning to use and to learn new things too. And play should last for long periods of time. Don’t hurry your child from one activity to another. Play should be child driven. Let them spend as much time as they need to explore their interests. Sometimes as adults, we forget that things that are common to us, are new to them. Let them discover those “common things” in their own way. When Hazel and I go on walks, she leads the way. She decides where we stop for a break and for how long. Sometimes we walk the entire time and see the whole neighborhood, and sometimes we spend our entire walk in the neighbors garden looking at bugs.

XO, Kacie

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