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hazel six months


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I have a 1/2 year old, you guys! (Aka, a  6 month old). Whaaaaattt???!!! How did she get so big?! She is full of personality and I love how more and more of her personality comes through each day. She’s seriously the best! I wish I could bottle up each moment with her, but since I can’t, I write my favorite memory or two from the day in a journal each night. Here are some of my faves from this past month 🙂

-Hazel can roll both belly-to-back and back-to-belly.

-Watching Hazel explore by rolling and army crawling everywhere.  The girl is on the move and it’s about time for me to start baby proofing.

-The time when Hazel thought it was funny to chew on Daddy’s nose.

-Hazel loves to ride on Daddy’s shoulders. She gets the biggest smile on her face.

-We really struggled with nap time after Hazel got her harness off and Hazel only wanted to sleep if Mommy was holding her. I loved the baby snuggles but it totally prevented me from getting anything done.

-When we feed Hazel, she thinks she needs her own spoon too.

-When Grandma bounces Hazel on her knee, and Hazel slowly drifts off to sleep. It’s so sweet!

-Hazel can sit up on her own for 20 seconds or more, and sometimes even for close to a minute.

-The grunting noises Hazel makes when she wants something.

-Hazel tries to army crawl on the wood floors (usually to get to the dogs) but the floor is so slippery that she usually ends of moving backwards, and then gets mad because she’s moving further away from her intended destination.

-All the sleep I get now! Hazel can put herself to sleep for naps and at night. And she sleeps through the night…wake up time is anywhere from 5:30-7:00, although lately it has been 7:00 which is amazing.

-Hazel gets on all fours and rocks back and forth like she’s going to crawl but doesn’t actually get anywhere.

-The girl loves tags, but only real tags. We have a toy that is covered in tags, but instead of playing with the toys tags, she finds real tags on her other toys, hanging from underneath chairs, and she even flips over the corner of our area rug because there’s a tag on the bottom side of that.

-Watching Hazel on the baby monitor when she roll around in her crib instead of sleeping. It just makes us laugh. And one time she was up on all fours, rocking back and forth like she was going to crawl, but when she launched herself forward, she head butted the crib railing.

-When Hazel pushes the button to play the music in her saucer toy, she looks up at me and Cody and expects us to dance.

XO, Kacie

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