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Hazel turned 7 months old on Sunday! What?! I can’t believe it! That means she closer to being a one year old than she is to a newborn! This girl needs to slow down in the whole growing thing because I am  not ready for it. Ha! No, but really, we are loving watching her grow. She gets more and more fun with age.

-Hazel thinks sneezes are really funny. Every time she sneezes or someone else sneezes, she gets the biggest smile on her face. 

-She’s getting her first tooth! It’s so darn cute!

-Hazel crawls all over the house now. Her favorite is to crawl to the dogs, or the dog dishes, or the trash can. Basically she likes anything with germs. lol. Oh, and the lamp cord behind the living room chair. I have to keep my eyes on her at all times now.

-When we try to feed Hazel something that she doesn’t like, she growls at us and sticks out her tongue out so we can’t put anything in her mouth. 

-We started swim lessons and seeing Hazel in a swimsuit is probably the cutest thing ever!

-When we went camping for spring break and Hazel slept in until 8am on most mornings! Yay!

-Hazel can make the clicking sound with her tongue.

-Hazel had her first fever (from her 6 months shot), and of course I felt bad for her, but I was also loving how cuddle-y she was.

-The time she spit up on grandpa (aka my dad), and he has the weakest stomach so it made him gag and we all laughed at him.

-Hazel can say “Da Da”. Although I’m pretty sure she hasn’t associated the word with Cody yet, but it’s so cute. She also says “Ba Ba”. And she squeals to try to call the dogs over to her.

-She can sit up by herself and get from being seated to crawling on her own. She still needs a little help getting into the seated position though.

-She has started waving.

-Hazel gets so excited when Daddy comes home from work and reaches for him to hold her.

XO, Kacie


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