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Can you guys believe Hazel is another month older?! I know, you guys are probably like, Duh, Kacie, that’s how life works. Haha! But every month, I find myself wondering how she ever got to be a month older. Time is just flying by! I’m trying to soak up every second of time with her at each age but it’s so hard to do that. Sometimes I wish I could just freeze time. Below are some of my favorite moments, memories, and milestones from the last month 🙂

– Hazel has started trying to stand without holding onto anything. The longest she’s made it was 6 seconds but it felt more like 10 minutes to me. lol. I was so proud of her!

-She pulls herself up on EVERYTHING and practices walking with her push toy.

-She got her two top teeth! Making 4 teeth total.

– Her adorable face when she scrunches her nose and sniffs.

– Playing peek-a-boo…she turns her head to the side so she’s not looking at you and then turns back and smiles. Too cute!

– She has started crying the second a stranger talks to her or gets too close to her. I felt bad for the nice guy at the grocery store who said she was really cute and then she screamed in his face. Haha!

– She has started saying “papa” when she sees her grandpa (my dad).

– Hazel loves waving to everyone.

– Watching her play with her big cousins. These kids are going to have so much fun growing up!

– Our trip to Yosemite with the backpack incident #momfail

– Her open mouth, tongue out kisses 🙂

-When she hears music, she bobs her head up and down and it’s the cutest!

– She can also give “eskimo kisses”.

– She thinks she needs to brush my teeth when I brush hers.

– When I put Hazel down for a nap, she sucks one of her thumbs and then sticks her other thumb in my mouth. lol.

– Within the past couple days, she has started throwing the ball to us. And then she eventually starts eating the ball. lol.

XO, Kacie


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