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June 14, 2018

By June 14, 2018parenting
fresh 48 hospital photos

fresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photos

^^Hazel was so excited to get to see her baby sister. Cody said she ran the whole way to the hospital room.

fresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh-48-hospital-photos-10fresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photos

^^Our favorite nurse! She was our nurse when we had Hazel and we were lucky enough to have her as our nurse with Iris too.
fresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photosfresh 48 hospital photos

Photos by: Magnolia Rain Photography


Iris Wilson Ellis. She entered this world with the loudest pterodactyl screams, a lot of dark brown hair, and the cutest turned up nose (just like her big sister and Daddy). Iris was born on May 11th at 6:32am. She weighed 7lbs 15oz and was 20.5 inches long. She has completed our family and we all love her so much!

Going into my second pregnancy, I still had no clue what contractions or labor felt like. Hazel was a scheduled c-section due to being breech, and I remember wishing I would have felt at least one contraction so I’d know what it felt like. Well, I got my wish with Iris and I’m not a fan of contractions. Ha! Iris was breech and a scheduled c-section just like her big sister. Being more familiar with the c-section process this time, I had decided that I wanted to have a clear drape for the surgery so that I could see my baby girl being born. I’m a very planned person, so leading up to the big day, I was trying to mentally prepare for how the day would go. What I didn’t prepare for was that my water would break…

So it’s the night before my scheduled c-section, my parents, sister + her little family, and Cody’s brother + his little family all arrive to our house to stay the night so they can go with us to the hospital (at 3:30am) for my surgery. I had kind of been feeling cramping for the past few days but wasn’t sure if it was actually contractions. I was cherishing every single thing we did that day as our last day of a family of three, and was really looking forward to getting Hazel to bed and doing our normal bedtime routine because I knew that with a c-section, I wouldn’t be able to pick Hazel up for a while. I also really wanted to be in bed by 10pm since we had to get up at 2:30am to be to the hospital in time for my pre-op. My mom was helping me get Hazel out of the bath and into her bedroom, and as I was walking down the hall to Hazel’s room, I started leaking. I thought maybe I just peed a little so I went to the bathroom and sure enough, I had to pee. So I headed back into Hazel’s room and with each step more and more water came out. It just kept dripping down my leg and soon there was a little puddle on the floor. I went into Hazel’s room and told my mom I thought my water broke. Hazel instantly started crying “water broke Mom Mom”. She was so worried about me and it was the absolute sweetest! My mom had two scheduled c-sections as well, so she didn’t know what it felt like to have your water break, so I called for my sister. My sister’s water broke with both of her kids (she ended up having to have two emergency c-sections but labored to 10cm dilated with her first, and labored for 2 days with her second because he was premie). My sister said it sounded like my water probably did break and that I should call the hospital. I called and explained to them what had happened, and they told me to come in. In the meantime, Hazel was crying because she was worried about me. My mom finally got Hazel to sleep before I got off the phone with the hospital so I totally missed my last time of putting Hazel to bed before having the baby. Then I start crying to my sister because this was not the plan. The baby wasn’t supposed to come tonight, she was supposed to come in the morning. Like I said, I’m a very planned person and I don’t handle it well when things don’t go as planned, even if the plan is only off by a couple hours. Haha! So we all loaded up in the ca to head to the hospital, and as soon as I sit down, a huge gush of water comes out of me. Luckily, we had put towels down on the seat to soak up anything that might leak out just in case. On the way to the hospital, I texted all my friends and family telling them that my water and the baby is coming tonight. It was a little after 10pm when we got there and they got me in right away to check my fluids. I was having small contractions on the drive to the hospital, but they all stopped as soon as we got there. They swabbed me to check for amniotic fluid to make sure it actually was my water breaking and not just me peeing my pants. Then they did an ultrasound to measure my fluid levels to see if they were within normal (meaning my water didn’t break) or if they were low (meaning it did break). Both results came back that my water didn’t break, I must have just peed my pants…like a lot. Seriously, I didn’t know it was possible to loose so much control of your bladder. They sent me home and I had to text everyone back saying “false alarm. I peed my pants”. Haha! Walking to the car, I was continuing to leak water/pee with every step. I just couldn’t help it. It was midnight by the time we got home, so I tried to sleep but my contractions started picking up again. They were about 10 minutes apart and made it impossible to sleep.

We made it to the hospital at 3:30am for my pre-op. My contractions were continuing as the prepared me for surgery. I was feeling so nervous. Basically I was feeling all the feelings I talk about in this post. Around 5:45ish, the nurse came in to get me and walk me to the surgery room. Cody had to stay behind until I was completely numb before he was allowed in the operating room. On the way to the operating room, the nurse got a call saying they couldn’t find the clear drape I had requested. Apparently, the doctor had set it aside for me (they only had a couple in the entire hospital, so he had them set one aside for me to make sure I’d be able to have one for my c-section), but two days before my c-section, someone used it. Luckily, my doctor is amazing and made a few phone calls and was able to get the last one brought up for me. So I walked into the operating room, sat on the operating table, and they did the spinal while I squeezed my doctors hand to help fight the bit of pain you feel when they put it in. Then they had me quickly lay back on the table before my lower half was too numb for me to move myself. To make sure I was completely numb, they rolled some sort of tool up my side and I had to tell them when I could start to feel it. Then they used tweezers to pinch where the incision would be to make sure I couldn’t feel it. Once I was completely numb, they started the c-section and called for Cody to come into the operating room. As soon as Cody got into the room, I started to feel more at ease and calm. He stood by my head and held my arm for comfort. With the clear drape, we could see the instruments they were using and my belly sticking up, but I couldn’t see any blood or anything (the incision is really low so my belly blocked it from my view). First, they cleaned up my scar from my first c-section and then before we knew it they said “it’s baby time!” I saw her butt come our first, then her back, and then heard a loud pterodactyl scream. Everyone in the operating room commented on how loud she was. Ha! Next, we saw them pull the umbilical cord out. We did delayed cord clamping, so while they were waiting to clamp the cord, the doctor turned her around so she could face us and we could see her adorable little face. It was the absolute best moment and we just stared at her forever. Then, they clamped the cord and the NICU nurses (it’s standard at our hospital to have a team of NICU nurses in the operating room for every delivery) took her over to get cleaned up, do the apgar test, and get weighed. Cody got to go over for that part and hold her hand, and I could see them the entire time. Once Iris was all cleaned up, they brought her over and placed her on my chest so we could do skin to skin while the doctors stitched me up. The stitching me up part takes way longer than the getting the baby out part. Once they were almost done stitching me up, the nurses had Cody and Iris head to recovery room and wait for me there. Cody said Iris was talking and making a lot of noise while they sat in recovery waiting for me. Her little noises kind of sound like a puppy and it’s the cutest! Cody said he even overheard someone in the recovery room next to ours comment on how she sounded like a puppy. Haha! Once I was all stitched up, the doctors and nurses transferred me to a hospital bed and wheeled me into recovery. Iris was ready to nurse and instantly latched on. I was so happy to have good nurser because that was something Hazel and I struggled with (although, now Iris and I aren’t doing too good with breastfeeding because I’m not producing enough). We were in recovery for about 2 hours while we waited for my numbness to wear off. Our family got to come back to see us and meet Iris. Then it was time for us to head to our hospital room and I got to hold Iris while they pushed me through the halls. They play a little lullaby throughout the hospital every time a baby is born, so we got to listen to the lullaby for Iris as we were wheeled into our room. Then I had to move to the hospital bed in my room on my own which is a painful and slow process. After that, more family came in to see us and Cody’s brother brought Hazel to the hospital to meet her baby sister for the very first time. We had everyone leave the room so it could just be our little family of 4 for a bit. Hazel fell in love with her baby sister at first sight. She climbed up on the hospital bed and was so sweet to Iris and just wanted to give her so many kisses. It seriously melted my mama heart. Our family is complete and we couldn’t be happier!

XO, Kacie

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