Hi, my name is Kacie. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m a twenty-something year old California native, wife, mom-to-be, and blogger. I was born and raised in a small, country town in the northern part of Northern California, but I now live in the Sacramento area. I was a total tomboy growing up but somehow morphed into a fashion lover.


I’m the youngest of the most amazing family ever. My parents have been married over 30 years (I can’t remember the exact number. Shhh…don’t tell them that). I have one older sister, who has given me an adorable niece and nephew, eleven cousins, the best aunts and uncles, and a brother-in-law and sister-in-law who have given me two handsome nephews.


My sister, Jamie, is the best friend I could ever ask for. She’s 22 months older than me, but we act more like twins. We have all the same friends, and our husbands have been best friends since they were ten. Jamie’s my protector, my biggest fan, and the gal I can always count on. She reads my blog every morning and then calls me to correct any grammar mistakes (she got the good spelling genes in the family). I seriously couldn’t get through life without her. Her and her husband have two children. Their oldest is named Stevie Rae and she’s prefect! She is named after my dad, Steve, and me (my middle name is Rae). Their little boy is named Shad and he has the cutest smile ever with the cutest little dimple. I love those kiddos so much and plan to spoil them rotten!


My husband, Cody, is my high school sweetheart. We have been together eleven years and married for eight years. We are expecting our first child, a baby girl, in October. Cody is a lineman for SMUD, which is what brought us to the Sacramento area. We are both home bodies but sometimes like to pretend we are free spirits until we quickly realize we are not. He (fake) laughs at my jokes, puts up with my stubbornness, and watches chick flicks with me (but only if I promise to rub his feet). What more could a girl ask for?


We have two fur-babies. Our chocolate lab is named Skip. We got him while we were still dating. He was supposed to be Cody’s dog, but he likes me better. He’s the most lovable guard dog. Our English bull dog is named Tugg, and Cody is most definitely his favorite. He snores too loud and doesn’t listen, but he’s so cute that he gets away with it. More than they love either of us, they love each other. They’re the two best friends anyone could have.


Elements of Ellis, formerly Kacie’s Kloset, was born in April 2012. I want Elements of Ellis to be a place people come for some fashion inspiration and a laugh. My 88 year-old grandpa is the inspiration for that. His goal is to make people happy. He smiles and waves at everyone he sees, he buys Reese’s candy for the cashiers at the grocery store, he hosts a neighborhood gathering every Friday night, and he brings people joy in everything he does. I hope that is what my blog brings to people; a smile, a laugh, joy.


I eat a chocolatey treat every night. I’m shy around large groups of people. I wish I was Jason Bourne. I love signing but I’m horrible at it. I consult my dad before making any big decision. My hair is naturally curly. Until 3rd grade, I couldn’t pronounce my “r’s”. I ride four-wheelers. I’m a very picky eater. I talk to my mom and sister on the phone every day. I have to wear a foot brace when I’m at home. I still sleep with my baby blanket. I’m afraid of the dark.


I have met so many amazing people through the blogging community and have learned a lot about myself.  I am grateful to everyone who visits my blog. Thank you!