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Eyebrows are one of my favorite features on people. Brows help to frame your face, so it’s important to keep them looking great. I prefer waxing my eyebrows because it lasts longer than plucking, but I hate to spend money on getting them professionally waxed. Why spend money on something I can do myself? I also never get my nails painted at a salon because I can paint them myself at home, but’s that’s getting a little off topic. I have found a facial hair removal product that is amazing for at-home waxing. With a few eye brow shaping and eye brow waxing tips and tricks, I’m able to quickly and easily shape and wax my brows as good as they do at the salon.

how to shape your eyebrows


There are three points to look for when finding your best brow shape; the start of the brow, the arch, and the end of the brow. To find these three points, grab a pencil to use as your guide. Place the pencil at the side of nose and follow it straight up, that’s where your brow should begin. Then turn the pencil at an angle, through the center of your eye, that’s your arch. Last, turn the pencil just past the outer corner of your eye, that’s where your brow ends.

nad's facial wand eyebrow shaper blogger reviewhow to wax your eyebrows at home


I have been using the Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper and I love it! It’s a natural hair removal, not heat gel that is so easy to use! The applicator has a slim tip so you can be very precise with where you’re putting the gel and what hair you’re removing, which will give you more control in creating your perfect shape. And if you do make a mistake and get some wax in the wrong spot, it can easily be washed away with water.

When waxing your brows, I find it best to wax in sections. It gives you more control over the shape than you’d have if you were to wax your entire eyebrow at once. I start by waxing beneath the tail of my brow, then I wax the section under the start/arch of my brow. Next I wax above the tail of my brow, and lastly, I wax the area between my two eyebrows to make sure I never have a unibrow.

nad's facial wand eyebrow shapernad's facial wand eyebrow shaper review

I love that I can wax my eyebrows one day during Hazel’s nap, and then I don’t have to again for another month or two. Anything that is easy to use and keeps my looking good, I’m all for! 

XO, Kacie

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