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August Amazon Favorites

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you are missing out! I only got it a little over a year ago and now I can’t imagine my life without it!

1. Gabriel Lip Liner in Nutmeg: Glides on so easily. This color is the perfect nude for any skin tone.

2. Gabriel Lipstick in Nude: I’ve been looking for a non-toxic lipstick brand and my friend Larissa from the blog Living in Color recommended this one. The color nude is perfection. I love it as a brunette and it looks great on Larissa with her blonde hair.

3. Flowy Blouse: A great blouse for work, but I also love the way it looks tucked into high waist jeans for a more casual look.

4. Water Bottle: This giant water bottle has been the key to me actually drinking enough water every day.

5. Zoya Nail Polish in Chantal: Another clean beauty brand and I love this nude color.

6. Keychain Wristlet: My hands are always full when getting to and from the car. I’m usually holding Iris and our bags, plus trying to hold Hazel’s hand to keep her safe, plus juggling my keys so I can lock or unlock the door. This helps me to be more hand free and makes it easy to access my keys without dropping them. 

7. Marble Geometric Earrings: I love how lightweight these are!

8. Makeup Blender Sponge: As good as the original beauty blender only way cheaper! $9 for 5 sponges!

9. Time To Wake Clock: Hazel started getting up super early when she made the switch to the big girl bed and this clock has been our savior.

10. Toddlers Are A**holes Book: If you are a parent with a sense of humor, you must read this book!

11. Food Storage Bags: I’ve been trying to cut down on our signal use plastics. These bags are recyclable and compostable. 

XO, Kacie

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