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Wrinkels & Posh24 Blog Battle

By | Daisy Rae | 57 Comments
 {Top: Daisy Rae; Shots: Ella Moss similar; Shoes: similar similar; Bag: Kenneth Cole similar}

What is with all the wrinkles this week? I do own an iron and a steamer. I just need to remember to actually use them.

Remember how I was in the Posh24 Fashion Blog Battle this week? Well, you can go here to see who won. I’ll give you a hint…it was me!!! Thank you so much to all my readers and everyone who voted for me! I am so excited that I won!!! 🙂

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By | Uncategorized | 89 Comments
{Vest: Forever 21; Top: similar; Skirt: similar ; Bag: Kenneth Cole similar; Shoes: JustFab similar; Necklace: similar similar}

Who watches The Bachelorette? I do!!! I think Emily should choose Arie and Sean should be the next Bachelor.

Anyways, on to me story. Did you all see on Monday’s episode, when the guys had to do a video telling Emily how they feel about her? Well, Arie mentioned her “big brown eyes” and I told the hubby “See! She has ‘big brown eyes’ and my eyes are like the same size as hers!” He chuckled and said “no”, that Emily’s eyes are bigger than mine. So, I have come to the conclusion that the hubby is going blind. He can’t even see well enough to know the size of my eyes. Or, as you might remember from this post, I could still be in denial about the true size of my eyes. But I’m pretty sure the hubby is just loosing his eyesight. I mean, I may not have the biggest eyes ever but they are pretty darn big! Right???

P.S. Ignore the wrinkles in the skirt 🙂

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Neck Workout

By | Daisy Rae | 46 Comments
{Top: Daisy Rae; Shorts: similar; Bag: Jessica Simpson similar similar; Shoes: similar; Necklace: similar similar; Ring: similar; Sunglasses: similar}

Have you ever seen those weird exercises/workouts that are supposed to help tighten the loose skin on your neck? Well, I have found then newest and greatest neck workout…my necklace! Let me tell you, this sucker is heavy. Wear it around for a few days and your neck will have a six-pack (or the neck version of a six-pack). Plus, it’s cute! You get style and a fit neck with this bad boy 🙂

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Vote For Me! Posh24 Blog Battle

By | Uncategorized | 29 Comments
Hello!!!! I was asked to participate in the Posh24 Blog Battle Contest and I need your help! If you get a chance, please vote for me! I appreciate every single one of you! Thanks so much in advance for your help 🙂
Vote here 
(winner will be announced this Friday July13th)
This is the outfit I submitted for the contest…Do you think it could win? Please vote!

Just to let you all know, I am not above begging so…please please please please please please please please VOTE for me!
And while you’re at it, check out the other bloggers in the battle. They all have amazing style! But don’t vote for them, vote for me 🙂 jk (not really)
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A Few Things…

By | Daisy Rae | 33 Comments
{Top: Daisy Rae; Jeans: similar; Bag: similar similar; Shoes: similar; Jewelry: Premier Designs; Necklace: similar similar}

A few things about this outfit:

  • Apparently I’m loving red this week (well, this top is more of a rust color but it’s in the red color family).
  • I have come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be allowed to wear clothes while eating (or just being around) food. I got a blackberry stain on my white jeans…but was able to get the stain out. Thank goodness!
  • The hubby has ban me from wearing those shoes around him. They make me the tiniest bit taller than him.
  • I’m really hating my bangs and I’m getting really tired of always pinning them back. They need to just grow out already!
  • I decided to order this top for my store after seeing this post from 9to5 Chic. Only her top costs a few hundred dollars and mine is $25.95

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    Random Facts

    By | Daisy Rae | 57 Comments

    {Top: Daisy Rae; Jeans: similar; Shoes: Urban Outfitters;  Bag: similar style; Necklace: similar}
    7 Random Facts About Me:
    1. I have naturally curly hair (and hate it)
    2. I think arm casts smell like oranges
    3. I don’t like grapes once they have fallen of the stem
    4. I love to watch movie previews (sometimes I think they are better than the movie)
    5. I have been riding quads (four-wheelers) since I was two
    6. I have virgin hair. It has never ever been dyed or bleached or anything
    7. I wish I had an accent. Like a British accent or maybe Australia, something cool like that.
     P.S. Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!
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    Echo Echo Echo & Giveaway Winner

    By | Daisy Rae | 17 Comments
     {Skirt: Daisy Rae; Belt: similar similar; Shoes: Payless similar; Bag: Kenneth Cole similar; Jewelry: Premier Designs}

    Have you ever talked into a microphone? I did for the first time at my sisters wedding and let me tell you, it is a little weird. You hear your echo which kind of throws you off when trying to speak. I had my Maid (Matron) of Honor speech all prepared and I practiced it to ensure that I wouldn’t mess up but then when I started speaking, I heard my echo which caused me to stumble over my words a little bit. And then when I would turn my head to look at my sister during my speech I would forget to move the mic with my head so people couldn’t hear me and I’d have to repeat myself. I guess hosting any sort of awards show, like the Gramy’s, is out of the picture for me due to my inability to speak into a microphone. At least everyone said my speech was good and my little mistakes made it cute and added personality to the toast. And the wedding was beautiful and me sister was absolutely gorgeous so all was a success!!!

    P.S. The SkinCareRX Giveaway winner is Marisa- Broke With Designer Taste. Congrats!!! Email me to claim your prize.

    The Wonders of Lotion

    By | Daisy Rae | 25 Comments
     {Top: Daisy Rae; Shorts: similar; Scarf: similar similar; Bag: similar style; Shoes; similar; Sunglasses: Target similar; Jewelry: Premier Designs}

    This probably isn’t news to you but… lotion works wonders to make your skin soft and silky! I know, I am a little behind on the times with this information but I just discovered how great lotion is. It has never been a part of my daily beauty routine until recently. I think its that I’m just too cheap to buy lotion. One bottle could buy me some ice cream. And when it comes to ice cream or lotion, ice cream wins. But recently I decided to splurge (I bought both ice cream and lotion) and my skin is thanking me for it. I’m so soft now!

    Goin’ To The Chapel

    By | Uncategorized | 32 Comments
     {Jeans: Forever21 similar; Top: Macy’s similar; Blazer: similar; Bag: Jessica Simpson similar similar; Shoes: similar; Jewelry: Premier Designs}
    Goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get married see my sister get married

    Goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get married see Jamie and Austin get married

    Gee, I they really love you each other and we’re they’re, gonna get married
    Goin’ to the chapel of love.
     (Feel lucky that you aren’t here to hear me sing. I might be just a little tone deaf.)
    My sister is getting married this weekend to Austin, my husbands best friend since 2nd grade!!!! I’m the Maid (actually the matron but I don’t like that word) of Honor and the hubby is the Best Man…so fun! The hubs and I set them up (yes, you can call us Cupid or The Cupid Couple) and we are so happy for them!!!!
    Let the wedding festivities begin!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
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    Mint Jeans Reincarnated

    By | Daisy Rae | 74 Comments
     {Blazer: Daisy Rae; Tank: similar; Shorts: similar similar; Scarf: similar; Jewelry: Premier Designs; Ring: similar; Shoes: similar; Purse: Jessica Simpson similar similar}

    You might remember my post Life of the Mint Jeans, where I told the story of the short life of my mint jeans and what led to their destruction. They put up good fight the whole way through but sadly, they didn’t make it to the end as mint jeans.

    Well, here they are reincarnated as lime green shorts! Yes, these are the same bottoms just with a whole new look! Hopefully their life as lime green shorts will last longer then their life as mint jeans.

    If you are dying to destroy your mint jeans and make them into lime green shorts, just follow the steps in this post to create the look 😉

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