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Hey! I Put Some New Shoes On And Suddenly Everything Is Right

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 {Top: similar; Jeans: similar: Cardigan: similar; Shoes: Urban Outfitter; Purse: Jessica Simpson similar; Sunglasses: similar; Jewelry: Premier Designs}
Listen to the theme song to my life and it pretty much sums up how I’m feeling today πŸ™‚

P.S. Don’t you love my new shoes?!

Big Brown Eyes

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{Blazer: Daisy Rae; Top: Daisy Rae (sold out); Shorts: similar; Shoes: Payless; Ring: Chloe + Isabel; Clutch: similar}

I used to think I had big eyes. I would always hear the expression “big brown eyes” and I thought “I have brown eyes so my eyes must be big too” and I never gave much thought to the possibility that the statement might not apply to all people with brown eyes. But apparently, it does not apply to me.

I was talking to one of my friends and out of nowhere she said “Kacie, you kind of have small eyes.” I tried to play it off like she didn’t just burst my bubble and said “I know.” I thought maybe she just had bad eyesight so later I asked my mom and sister if they thought I had big eyes, they chuckled and said no. So here is a warning to all you brown eyed people out there, just because your eyes are brown, it does not necessarily mean your eyes are big. It is time for me to face this sad truth.


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{Tank: Macy’s; Jean Jacket: similar; Jeans: Target similar; Shoes: Target; Sunglasses: similar; Bracelet: Premier Designs; Necklace: similar}

For our anniversary weekend, the hubby and I headed to Capitola/Santa Cruz. The weather was perfect and we had a great time! We got there Friday morning and walked around downtown Capitola and relaxed on the beach. On Saturday, Capitola had their annual car show so the hubby had fun drooling over all the cars he wants. Overall it was a great anniversary weekend πŸ™‚

P.S. My camera battery died so we took these photos on my phone.

Happy Anniversary

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Four years ago today, I married my best friend. We have been together for seven years and I could not ask for a better person to share my life with. I’m not one to get mushy and share my feelings so I will just say I am one lucky gal and I love my hubby! 
Happy Anniversary Cody!!! Love you!!!

I know most of you probably don’t care to see more pictures of me & the hubby but I like to look at them so here they are πŸ˜‰
Weekend in Tahoe

On our honeymoon in St. Lucia
Skiing/Snowboarding on Mt. Shasta
My 21st b-day. The hubby surprised me with a trip to Monterey, CA

Poor Doggie

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 {Blazer: Daisy Rae (sold out); Tank: Forever21 similar; Jeans: It! Jeans similar; Scarf: Marshalls; Belt: Chinese Laundry similar; Clutch: Nine West similar; Heels: Just Fab; Jewelry: Premier Designs}

My poor bulldog, Tugg, had to go to the vet yesterday to get neutered. We decided to get him neutered because around this time every year, he gets an allergic reaction which irritates his “man business”. This year was the worse and you could tell he was miserable. I dropped him off at the vets office and as they were taking him in the back, he turned around, gave me the saddest look ever and tried to follow me out the door. I felt like a parent would feel when they drop their child off for the first day of kindergarten. (I don’t have children so my doggies are my kids). It was just heartbreaking. Now he is back from the vet and resting. Poor guys had a traumatic experience.

If you want to see a picture of my dogs, click here


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Wedding Dresses Australia

{Top: Daisy Rae; Skirt: Daisy Rae; Prom Dress: prombee; Necklace: J. Crew; Earrings/Bracelet/Ring: Premier Designs}

The weekend was full of wedding festivities for my sister’s upcoming nuptials. The hubby and I headed up to our home town on Friday where he spent four days on a house boat celebrating the bachelor party. The hubby and my sisters soon-to-be hubby have been best friends since third grade so it is perfect that soon they will be brother-in-laws. While the boys were on the lake, we had my sisters bridal shower and her second bachelorette party. The bridal shower was beautiful and we had a great time visiting with friends and family. We had a blast at the bachelorette party with ten of our best friends. Overall, a great weekend!

The Bridal Shower


The Bachelorette Party


The group before we headed out
short bridesmaid dresses uk
The Bride with her bridesmaids. Don’t you love the sashes the hubby and I made?
Me and my sister πŸ™‚


Life of the Mint Jeans

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{Top: Lauren Conrad; Jeans Blank NYC similar; Shoes: Target; Sunglasses: similar; Scarf: similar; Bag: similar}

The Story of the Mint Jeans:
April 8th: I happily welcomed them into my closet. They were an Easter present from the hubby.

April 24th: They made there first appearance on the blog here 

May 8th: Featured in my Pretty Little Look-A-Like post here

May 28th: Disaster Struck!!! I wore them to a Memorial Day BBQ and accidentally got a little bbq sauce from the ribs on them (I should have known better than to eat ribs in cute clothes). My sister had a tide-to-go pen so I treated the stain with that and washed them when I got home. As I pulled my jeans out of the wash I noticed that the laundry detergent stained them! There were streaks all over the jeans. I tried running them through the washer again (this time without detergent) and the stain was still there πŸ™

May 29th: Researched on the internet and found that you can soak clothes in vinegar to get laundry detergent stains out. This did not work :,-(

May 30th: Bought mint dye and tried dying them to even out the color. This worked to even out the color from the laundry detergent stain but the stain from the bbq sauce was still there. At this point, I can’t wear them how they are so the hubby and I decide to bleach them to see if the stain would come out. That turned the pants a lime green color and the stain was still there. The mint jeans put up a good fight but sadly they weren’t going to pull through. So I decided to cut them off just above the stain to make them into shorts. Now my mint jeans are lime green shorts. At least I can still wear them. I will post a picture of them soon so you can see the transformation/ journey of the mint jeans.

May 31st: The hunt for a new pair of mint skinny jeans begins. Wish me luck!

Scary Movies

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 {Blazer: Daisy Rae; Top: similar; Jeans: IT! Jeans similar; Heels: Target; Necklace: Le Mode (sold out); Bracelet, Ring & Earrings: Premier Designs; Bag: Kenneth Cole similar}

 Last weekend the hubby and I went to the movies and watched Chernobyl Diaries. Let me just tell you, I hate scary movies! It’s not that I get super scared while I’m watching them; it’s that I’m scared for a week after. I’m a big scaredy cat as it is (I don’t even answer the door when I’m home alone) and when you throw in a scary movie with crazy murderers, there is no way I’m going to stay calm. Every little noise I hear is the murderer from the movie coming to find me and kill me. Although I have to say, Chernobyl Diaries wasn’t as scary for me because it’s about zombies and I don’t think that zombies will come after me…but you never know πŸ˜‰

Dog Walks

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 {Oversized Blazer: Daisy Rae; Top: similar; Jeans: similar; Shoes: Target; Sunglasses: similar}

 Now that the weather is nice, I started taking my dogs for a walk every morning. And let me tell you, I am so sore! I’ve worked muscles I didn’t even know I had. There is some side butt muscle that now hurts when I walk. It’s not like I am completely out of shape. I workout five times a week for at least an hour. But that didn’t prepare me for a 70lb lab and 63lb bulldog pulling on me the entire walk. The neighbors just chuckle at the site of two dogs pulling me along. And they often comment that it looks more like the dogs are taking me for a walk than me talking the dogs for a walk.

We live by a bunch of vineyards with a canal running through so I thought I could walk there and let the dogs run around. That way, they wouldn’t pull as hard on the way back. And although it was a good thought, it didn’t quit work. The bulldog, Tugg, was worn out but our lab, Skip, still had plenty of energy to pull me all the way home. And still I will get up and do it all again tomorrow because the doggies just love there walks. I mean, how could you say no to these faces?


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 {Blazer: Daisy Rae; Top: similar; Jeans: Marshalls; Belt: Target similar; Necklace: Le Mode; Bag: similar; Sunglasses: similar; Shoes: Payless}

Let me introduce you to my new favorite necklace. I got this necklace about a week ago and can’t quit wearing it. I love it! I think a pop of neon yellow adds a fun touch to just about any outfit.

Also, this might be my favorite blazer. The only reason  I say “might” is because I’m also really loving this blue blazer too and of course the lace blazer I featured in my last post. Basically, all blazers are my favorite. You really can’t have too many blazers. It’s just not possible.

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