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 {Cardigan: similar; Top: similar; Jeans: similar; Shoes: similar; Bag: Kenneth Cole similar; Bracelets: similar; Necklace: similar similar}

You know how Tyra Banks always tells the contestants of America’s Next Top Model to “smize” or smile with your eyes? Well, I have come to the realization that I cannot “smize”. If I am not actually smiling, my eyes don’t look happy. They look mad and like I’m ticked off at the world. It looks like any hopes I might have had of being on America’s Next Top Model are not going to happen due to my angry eyes (and also due to the fact that I’m only 5’4″). But that’s ok, I didn’t really have plans of becoming a model anyways.

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Love Letter To My Vestie

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 {Vest: Forever 21; Dress: Daisy Rae; Shoes: Shoe Dazzle similar similar similar; Necklace: Forever 21; Bag: Kenneth Cole similar ; Bracelets: similar; Belt: similar}

Dear Denim Vest,
I have been searching for you for a few months and I am so happy to have you in my life. You came along and suddenly, everything in my closet seems a little better. The dresses that I never wore because they felt too dress-y for me have found new life thanks to you. I know we will make some great memories together. You are my “vest” friend! (get it? I know, I’m so clever)
Love Always, Kacie

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Skin Care RX Giveaway!!!

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I have something really exciting to share with you today!!
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P.S. I haven’t forgotten that I promised a Daisy Rae giveaway for reaching 100 followers. That will be coming soon 🙂

Tennis: Not As Easy As It Looks

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 {Top: Daisy Rae; Shorts: similar; Necklace: J. Crew; Heels: Urban Outfitters; Bag: similar; Ring: similar similar; Sunglasses: similar}

The other day the hubby and I were bored and trying to find something to do. We came up with the great idea of getting some Tennis Lessons. First step: Buy tennis rackets. Second Step: Buy me a tennis skirt. You have to look the part to play the part, right? The hubby didn’t agree so we skipped this step. Third Step: Learn how to play tennis. That proved a little harder than we thought. The hubby asked if I knew how to play. I said you just let the ball bounce and then hit it. (I later learned their are other rules and you don’t always have to let the ball bounce first). Needless to say we weren’t very good (I may or may not have gotten a ball to the chin).

While my mom was visiting, her and I played tennis. She actually had a clue what she was doing so she taught me a few things. I’m pretty much a pro now. The next time the hubby and I play, he is going down!

See other ways I’ve styled this top here and here

A Super Hero’s Secret Weapon

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 {Top: Target similar; Shorts: Daisy Rae; Belt: Target similar; Flats: similar; Bag: Kenneth Cole similar; Necklace: Vintage similar}

My outfit holds a secret weapon and I bet you would never figure out what it is…my necklace is a pencil!!! You don’t consider a pencil, a weapon? Well, it is to me. I could just be going around, writing secret notes to people all day and nobody would even know it. If that’s not the coolest secret weapon, then I don’t know what is. I’m basically at super hero status with this necklace on. I just need a super hero name. Like, The Wild Writer. Ok, maybe my name needs a little work but I think I’m really onto something here.

P.S. This necklace was my great great aunt’s. She was a librarian (a super hero librarian) and used to wear this necklace to work everyday.

Black and Brown

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{Romper: similar great dress option here; Chambray Top: Quicksilver similar; Wedges: Jessica Simpson similar; Purse: similar style; Sunglasses: similar; Necklace & Ring: Premier Designs; Bracelets: Premier Designs & Jeanne’s Gemstones}
This outfit is dedicated to my friend Jordan. She has great style and I love going shopping with her. But the one trend you won’t catch her in is black and brown together. So when I put on these brown shoes with this black romper, I thought of her and how she would never pair the two. And since I know she follows my blog, I had to give a shout out to her. You know what I just thought of, I wonder if she likes leopard print since it’s black and brown. I will have to ask her. Love you Jordan! 🙂
P.S. I copied this look from Christina at Oh So Glam. Thanks for the style inspiration, Christina!

Happy Father’s Day

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Walking me down the aisle

My sister, my dad and me

My three favorite men! My dad, grandpa, and hubby

I love me dad!

My wedding day

Happy Father’s Day to my amazing Dad!!! He is a man I respect, cherish and love with all my heart. Thanks, Dad, for always being there for me and being someone I can look up to. You taught me honesty and intergrity, how to treat others with diginity and respect, money managment skills, and how to ride a quad and swing dance.

Crazy Lady

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 {Dress:Macy’s similar; Scarf: similar; Wedges: Jessica Simpson similar; Bag; similar; Jewelry: Premier Designs}

You might remember from this post that I don’t like wearing dresses. But today, I went a little crazy and decided to wear a dress. Although, I think most people thought I was crazy not for wearing a dress but for wearing a scarf in 98 degree weather. I don’t think they understood the importance the scarf played in pulling the outfit together.

P.S. My mom came to visit me for a few days! Yay!!!

Big Brown Eyes

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{Blazer: Daisy Rae; Top: Daisy Rae (sold out); Shorts: similar; Shoes: Payless; Ring: Chloe + Isabel; Clutch: similar}

I used to think I had big eyes. I would always hear the expression “big brown eyes” and I thought “I have brown eyes so my eyes must be big too” and I never gave much thought to the possibility that the statement might not apply to all people with brown eyes. But apparently, it does not apply to me.

I was talking to one of my friends and out of nowhere she said “Kacie, you kind of have small eyes.” I tried to play it off like she didn’t just burst my bubble and said “I know.” I thought maybe she just had bad eyesight so later I asked my mom and sister if they thought I had big eyes, they chuckled and said no. So here is a warning to all you brown eyed people out there, just because your eyes are brown, it does not necessarily mean your eyes are big. It is time for me to face this sad truth.