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Bath time is our absolute favorite time of the day! When Hazel was one month old, she started getting 15 minutes a day harness free for bath time (before that she had to wear it 24/7), so we celebrated by taking a mother-daughter bath together. Hazel loved it so much that we’ve been taking a bath together every night since then 🙂 Even if she’s fussy, as soon as she gets in the bath, she’s all smile and kicks her legs nonstop. It’s seriously the cutest thing and makes me so excited for pool days this summer. After her bath, we get her all bundled up in her towel, and she just looks so sweet and cozy wrapped up in her Just Born Sparkle Collection towel (we use their washcloths too). Then it’s time to apply lotion, get her dressed, and put her in her harness for bed time…she always starts crying when it’s harness time, but hopefully we only have one more month of the harness. Fingers crossed her x-rays later this month look good.

I think this towel and washcloth set is going to be my new go-to gift for baby showers because 1) it’s already packaged up super cute which makes gift wrapping easier for me, and 2) I love bath time with Hazel and I want other moms to love bath time as much as me. Bath time babies are seriously the cutest! In case you’re looking for some great gift ideas, some of my registry must-haves are of course a cute bath towel set, swaddle blankets, fitted crib sheets, sleep gown, and a crib mobile. Check out the Just Born Sparkle Collection for all of these items. They come in mint, pink, blue, and gender-neutral colors with the cutest gold or sliver hearts or dots. So precious!

XO, Kacie

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