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Reading books to our babies, toddler, and kids has huge benefits and it is so important to read to your children from infancy. The Priddy Books Early Learning Collection is the perfect place to start when building your child’s library.

The touch and feel books really engage younger kids and babies, while their matching and sorting books like My First Play and Learn Farm book is really engaging for toddler and older. My girls LOVE this book! They had fun matching the reusable stickers in the books and also got creative in making up their own games with the stickers. They hid them around the house for a fun game of hide and seek and also matched them to objects in the house. So fun! The Priddy Book Early Learning Collection also includes books to help your child learn colors, numbers, objects. When my girls were younger they loved to look through the books and point to the animals and make the sounds of each animal, or have me point to colors and they’d say the color. So much learning! And all of these books are available on Amazon, so be sure to grab some for your home library and see the benefits for your child.

What they learn from books goes beyond just words. Below are 9 benefits of reading to your kids.

  1. Enhances language development: Reading books to your child promotes awareness of the sounds in language while also giving your child the opportunity to learn new words.
  2. Promotes reading and writing skills: You don’t have to actively be teaching your child the sounds of every letter for them to learn the relationship between letters and sounds. Their brains are like sponges soaking up all the information they see, hear, and feel when reading to them. Books with rhyming text helps children to discover word patterns which helps with their reading skills. And as children flip pages in the book, they are crossing their midline which is necessary for reading and writing. Children need to be able to cross their midline to be able to read and write left to right. Reading to them gives them a strong foundation in literacy skills to build upon.
  3. Creates a strong parent-child relationship: The number one thing kids want from their parents is their time and attention. Reading books provides a wonderful opportunity to give that to your child. As you read together, you are creating the strong bond that your child wants and needs. As your child grows, it also provides you with opportunities to discuss various topics which further strengthens your bond.
  4. Promotes cognitive development: Children gain comprehension and understanding while you read books. It provides them with the opportunity to wonder and ask “why?” to gain more knowledge of the story and the world around them.
  5. Promotes fine motor skills: Touch and feel books encourage your child to use their fine motor skills as they feel the book. As children begin to flip the pages, they are also gaining fine motor skills.
  6. Fosters empathy: Reading allows your child to step into someone else’s shoes and learn how someone else feels. They are given the opportunity to see things from someone else’s perspective. Asking questions like “how would you feel?” or noticing different facial expressions in the illustrations and discussing how the person must feel further promotes empathy.
  7. Develops creativity and imagination: Your child can enter a whole new world when being read to, and they can then take that into their own play with role plays and pretend play.
  8. Gives child a better understanding of the world around them: Reading books about animals, people, or places that they wouldn’t normally see opens them up to the entire world. They’re able to learn so much about the world just through reading books.
  9. Improves concentration: Children are often on the move, but reading allows them time to sit and concentrate/focus for a short period of time.

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