Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask | GlamGlow SUPERMUD Clearing Mask | GlamGlow THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Mask | Maple Holistic Dead Sea Mud Mask | Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off Mask | Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask

Like I said before, I have really been getting into skincare and one thing I can’t seem to get enough of is face masks. Putting a face mask on, sitting on the couch, and watching The Bachelor (or whatever is on TV that night) is so relaxing to me. These are my six favorite face masks I’ve tried so far. The prices range from $4 to $70.

  • Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask: This mask is like a scrub and face mask in one. I first apply it like a face mask and leave it on for 5ish minutes. Then, before I wash it off, I message it into my skin. It heats up as you message it which I think it super cool. It leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. There are loads of charcoal face masks that might be worth checking out on a site like purepathessentialoils.com if you are interested in this type of face mask. The only negative thing I have to say about this product it that the lid doesn’t close for me. I’ve cleaned the lid but still can’t get it to close. It’s not a big deal though because the product doesn’t leak out or anything.
  • GlamGlow SUPERMUD Clearing Mask: I get blackheads on my nose so I bought this to help with that. I’ve definitely noticed a difference. It pulls out all the dirt and nastiness from your skin. I like to use this mask and then follow it up with the GlamGlow THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Mask.
  • GlamGlow THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Mask: I feel like this is the number one mask that everyone should have. Your skin will feel so hydrated and amazing! I like to leave it on overnight for ultimate results. I bought it in the small $20 size because I didn’t want to spend $70, but you guys, it’s so worth buying the big size. Although, I’ve actually been super surprised by how many uses I’ve gotten out of the small size. I think I’ve used it six times or more and I’ll probably get two or three or more uses out of it. I’ll definitely be buying the larger size when I run out.
  • Maple Holistic Dead Sea Mud Mask: This is the mask I have on in the picture above. This mask reminds me a little bit of the GlamGlow SUPERMUD Clearing Mask but it’s way more affordable (under $14) and you get so much product! I’ve been using it since October and I’ve barely made a dent in it. When you put it on, you can feel it tightening your skin and shrinking your pores. It leaves your skin looking smooth. I always follow it up with a good moisturizer 🙂 If this brand it new to you and you want to learn more about it, check out their website 🙂
  • Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off Mask: Funnest mask ever! If you apply a generous layer to your skin it will peel off in really big sections and it it so much fun! I’m weird and love picking at stuff so this is a dream come true for me. Haha! But it’s not just fun to use, I also love the way it leaves my skin. It peels off all the dry/rough skin and leaves me with soft skin.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask: I got this mask as a sample with one of my purchases at Sephora and I’ve actually been really impressed by it. It has a cooling effect so I think I’ll love it even more in the summer. It goes on clear and dries pretty quickly, which I like because then I don’t have to worry about it rubbing off if I touch my face or put my head on my pillow. It’s just really soothing on the skin. 🙂

Do you have any face masks that you would recommend? I’ve heard great things about the Fresh Rose Face Mask so I might try that next 🙂

XO, Kacie


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