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Play Kitchen | Pot & Pans Set | Slide | Peg Puzzle | Tunnel | Water Table | Rocking Horse | Ball Pit | Cozy Coup Car

I thought I would share some gift ideas for kids around Hazel’s age (12-18 months old). All of these items are things Hazel either has and loves, or things she will getting for Christmas. She has older cousins so even the toys she doesn’t have, her cousins do, so she’s gotten to play with them and I know she loves them 🙂

Play Kitchen: What kid doesn’t love opening kitchen cupboards? And now they’ll have their own! There are so many different options and price points with play kitchens, but this one is my favorite because it’s so pretty and has great features too; wooden ice cubes that drop from the fringe dispenser, dials that turn, etc. It’s a toy they’ll have fun playing with for years.

 Pot & Pans Set: Kids love watching what their parents do. When I’m cooking dinner, Hazel likes to get out her pots and pans and cook too. I love that these pots and pans look real. Perfect to encourage pretend play and imagination.

 Slide: This slide is great indoor or outdoor, and is sure tire a kid out. 

 Peg Puzzle: These fun puzzles promote fine motor skills, problem solving, and cognitive development.

 Tunnel: Whether crawling or walking, kids love tunnels. It easily folds up small so you can tuck it away when your kid isn’t playing with it.

 Water Table: You can fill these will so many fun things like rice, shaving cream, noodles, etc. Kids will have so much fun exploring their senses. It’s more of an outdoor toy, so in the winter, we keep ours on our covered porch. That way Hazel can make have outdoor play when it’s raining and make as big of a mess as she wants 🙂

 Rocking Horse (blue or pink): These are low to the ground so they’re easier for young kids to get on and off of themselves, and they won’t hurt themselves if they get bucked off. My niece (3 years old) and nephew (22 months old) each have one and still love playing with them.

 Ball Pit: We have the girl version but it also comes in boy colors. One side has four holes so kids call push the balls through the holes, which is Hazels current favorite thing to do. We also like to put the tunnel through the entrance hole to make a really fun little play area. 

Cozy Coup Car: Kids will have fun being pushed around in this, and then driving all by themselves when they’re a little bigger.

If you have fun gift ideas for any age, please share. I have a niece and three nephews, ages 22 months to 11 years old), and could always use some ideas 🙂

XO, Kacie

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