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hospital birth photoshospital birth photoshospital-birth-photos-19

^^ The doctors double checking that she was still breech before I went in for surgery.

hospital birth photoshospital birth photoshospital birth photoshospital birth photos

^^ Posting my last baby bump picture to Instagram.

hospital birth photoshospital birth photos

^^ Cody heading into the operating room. He almost didn’t make it in time because they only gave him one shoe covering and he had to hunt another one down.

hospital birth photos

^^ We are so in love!

hospital birth photos

^^ I absolutely love this photo Morgan captured of my mom the moment she saw the text message I sent from recovery with a picture of Cody, Hazel, and me.

hospital birth photoshospital birth photoshospital birth photoshospital birth photoshospital birth photoshospital birth photos

^^ I love holding her hand.

hospital birth photoshospital birth photos

^^ She’s already got him wrapped around her finger.

hospital birth photoshospital birth photoshospital birth photos

^^ My parents and sister…I don’t know what I’d do without them.

hospital birth photoshospital birth photos


Hospital Gown c/o Della-B | Photography: Magnolia Rain

Hazel Lee Ellis. She has brown hair, the cutest turned up nose (she get’s from her daddy), long legs and finger, dark furry hair all over her body (just like her mom…sorry Hazel. Haha!), and the most kissable lips. Hazel came into this world on October 7th at 6:33 am. She weighed 7lbs. 3oz. and was 20 inches longs. We are so completely obsessed with her!

Honestly, Hazel’s birth story isn’t super exciting. Due to her being in the breech position, she was a scheduled c-section and she was delivered on her scheduled c-section date. I didn’t go into labor and I never felt a single contraction, not even braxton hicks contraction. But it is such a weird feeling to know what day your whole life will change. I only got two hours of sleep the night before because I was so excited and nervous (mostly nervous). Both our families came and stayed with us the night before so they could be there for her delivery. Everyone was talking about how excited they were to get to meet the baby, but I was feeling like maybe she could stay in there for another week to 18 years. Haha!

At 3:45am on October 7th, Cody and I (along with our families) arrived at the hospital so I could be prepped for surgery. I was trying to remain calm and make jokes, but on the inside I was so nervous about going in for surgery.  My mom, sister, and mother-in-law all had two c-sections each, so it was nice that they could explain what it would be like. But I have a fear of the unknown so I was still super nervous. The doctors came in to check the baby’s position, listen to her heartbeat, and prep me for surgery (a.k.a. shave my hooha because they told me I couldn’t shave or wax for 4 weeks prior…TMI?). Then it was time for me to go to the operating room. Cody couldn’t come into the operating room until I had my spinal and the curtain was up. Not having Cody with me for that portion of time was the hardest part for me. I just wanted him there for reassurance, but the anesthesiologist was amazing and helped calm my nerves. He would give me these rough pats on the shoulder and tell me everything was going to be ok, and it was really so comforting to me. Finally they called for Cody to come in. They had to call for him twice because he wasn’t showing up and I was afraid he would miss the whole thing since I’m pretty sure the doctor had already cut me open by that point. It was weird laying on the operating table and not being able to feel anything or know whether I was cut open or not. I kind of wish I would have been able to watch the whole process. I guess they have clear curtains that you can request so you can see everything and if I have another c-section, I might request that. Anyways, shortly after Cody arrived, I could feel the tugging, pulling, and pressure on my stomach, and the anesthesiologist pulled Cody up so he could look over the curtain and watch our baby being pulled from my stomach. I could hear the doctors and nurses saying, “here’s her butt”, “she’s peeing”, and “here’s her legs”. My first thought was that I was glad she’s a girl because I had a fear that they’d say they accidentally got the gender wrong all those weeks ago. They took Hazel to the warming station to wash her, weigh her, and do the apgar test. Cody got to hold her hand while they cleaned her and it was the sweetest thing to see. A few minutes later, they placed Hazel on my chest while they finished sewing me up. It was the absolute best moment! From there we got wheeled into recovery and then to our hospital room. We spent the next couple days in the hospital just cuddling and admiring her. Cody instantly became so protective over her. Anytime someone else would hold her, he’s be hovering over them to make sure Hazel was doing ok in their arms. Every time I looked at her I was in shock that this is what our baby looks like. I probably asked Cody, “Can you believe this is what our baby looks like?” a million times. Apparently, he could believe it because he thought I was crazy for saying it over and over. Ha!

We are so in love with her and want the best for her in every aspect of life. We are so blessed to get to be her parents. Thank you for all the well wishes you’ve posted to Instagram and in my previous blog post. To my Hazel Lee, happy 4 weeks! I love being your mom!

XO, Kacie

 P.S. I got tons of compliments on my black and white hospital gown from the nurses. It has features that make it great for laboring (although I obviously didn’t labor in it) and it has features that make it perfect for nursing and skin-to-skin. Plus, it’s super cute 🙂 It’s from Della B. and comes in several colors. The gowns are currently available for preorder. Get 15% off with code Ellis15 (expires 11/7/16)


  • Love reading birth stories!!! This story and Hazel are both absolutely beautiful. As of right now, it looks like I’ll be going in for a scheduled c-section as well- I’m hoping it stays that way. I’m nervous but feel more relaxed about a scheduled c-section. Most women in my family have had emergency or scheduled c-sections and all had really good experiences.

    Jesse is thinking we might just be one and done partly because he’s afraid if we try for a 2nd baby, the baby will be another girl (I’m pregnant with our first, a girl). He jokingly says he’ll shoot himself or jump off a cliff if we have a 2nd baby and it is a girl as well. I think that all might change once Rory is here and I’m sure she’ll have him wrapped around her finger. So only time will tell but we have plenty of time to decide if we want a 2nd baby because I don’t want to start trying for another 3 years after we move into a bigger house.


    • Kacie says:

      Congrats on your pregnancy! I felt the same way about a c-section because my mom had two scheduled c-section and my sister had two emergency c-sections, so I felt like I was more prepared for a c-section from hearing their stories.

      Haha! Jesse is so funny and sounds like so many dads. But I honestly think that once your little girl arrives he’ll be so happy you two had a girl. I think that guys want boys because that’s what they know. But if guys only knew the special bond between a dad and daughter, they would all want girls 🙂

  • congratulations!!! i LOVE her name. the photos you got are so gorgeous and special…the one with you and your mom? sweetest thing ever. enjoy! enjoy these exciting times!

  • Lauren says:

    I loved reading your birth story!! I can’t imagine the anticipation of having a scheduled c-section. I DEFINITELY wouldn’t have slept much either! I’m glad everything went so well though. She is beautiful! Next time, I am going to get someone to photograph for me! Having these photos is so awesome.

    By Lauren M

    • Kacie says:

      Thank you! I highly recommend a photographer! I went back and forth on having one there but I am so thankful I did! I was a little bummed that the hospital didn’t allow her in the operating room to take pictures of the very first moments we had with Hazel. But at least the nurses were nice enough to take pictures for us 🙂

  • Sara Jasper says:

    Hi, Kacie.

    Beautiful birth story. What size did you order in the Della B. Birth Gown?

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