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White Maxi Dress c/o Seraphine

Last weekend I had the most beautiful boho baby shower thanks to my sister and our two best friends Jordan and Elizabeth (and my mom and Jordan’s mom too). It was seriously the most perfect day to celebrate #EllisBabyGirl. My sister hosted the party at her gorgeous farm style home on her 10 acre property. I loved all the personal touches they added to the shower. The eucalyptus was from my grandpa’s backyard, the antler sheds were collected by my sister’s husband, my mom made the teepee, and the list goes on. And I have so many keepsakes from that day too. All the guests stamped their thumbprint and signed the dream catcher picture, we had a headband making station so my little girl is now set for life in the headband department, and we had a gorgeous photo booth for guests to send a little message to baby Ellis. All the thought and details that went into my shower made me feel so loved and special. Not to mention the amount of people that showed up to celebrate. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Ok, but you notice how the majority of us are wearing white?…except for my little niece, Stevie. I bought her the cutest white dress and she absolutely refused to wear it. She loves dresses, especially new dresses, so we saved the white dress until the morning of, thinking she’d be super excited to have a new dress and want to wear it. But she did not like the dress, and only wanted to wear her pink dress. We tried to get her to wear other outfits (even if they weren’t white but just cuter than the pink dress she picked out), and she’s just say “no, pink dress”. She’s a total fashionista and has such an opinion about her clothes. It’s really adorable to watch her pick out her outfits…except for when you want her to wear a white dress and she refuses. Haha! But it’s all about picking your battles and we want her to know her opinion can be heard and respected, so the pink dress is was! The funniest part was that the rest of the day, she’s tell people “white dress, I didn’t like it”. Lol. But seriously, my baby shower was amazing and I wish I could relive it all again 🙂

Also, the pictures were taken by my friend, Morgan from Magnolia Rain Photography. If you want to see all the pictures from the shower (there’s 176!) or some of her other work, check out her website here. She’s also going to take our maternity pictures and our birth/hospital photos so be sure to follow her on Instagram for sneak peeks.

XO, Kacie

P.S. I also have to say thank you to Jena for the graphic design work she did to make the signs, game card, and dream catcher print. And my mom’s TA students for making the olive crowns for the guests, and my mom’s student/our family friend, Grace, for manning the photo booth.


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