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Daisy Rae

Bye Bye Daisy Rae

By | Daisy Rae | 30 Comments
After a lot of thinking, I have decided to close my online clothing store, Daisy Rae Boutique. I am so grateful for the experience of owning a clothing store and have learned so much from it. This was a tough decision to make but I am excited for what the future has in store for me. And you all should be excited too because everything is now 40% OFF!
 So what are my future plans? Blogging, of course. I am so happy that Daisy Rae Boutique led me to blogging and I plan to spend more time focusing on my blog. So check back tomorrow for another outfit post. Also, be sure to enter The Rad Market giveaway and head over to Daisy Rae Boutique to shop 40% OFF!


By | Daisy Rae | 40 Comments
sequin-clutch sequin-clutch-5 sequin-clutch-6 sequin-clutch-4 sequin-clutch-3
I was talking with my sister as I was getting this post ready and told her I needed to think of something to write. She came up with a great topic for today’s post: Her. She said I should write a post all about my wonderful sister and say that she’s the most amazing person in the entire world. So this one’s for you, Jamie. Everyone, I have a wonderful sister and she’s the most amazing person in the entire world. (those are her words, not mine).  But in all seriousness though, my sister is pretty darn amazing and I love her so much!
P.S. Please help me win a trip to NYFW by voting for me in the Wallis Contest! (you can vote hourly)
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P.P.P.S Check out my interview over at ShopAtHome.com
Top: Daisy Rae similar
Jeans: Gap similar
Clutch: c/o Lookbook Store
Necklace: c/o White Bear/Shop Ethereal– Use code: kk20off for 20% OFF
Bracelet: c/o Love Stylize
Shoes: similar

Keep It Coming

By | Daisy Rae | 37 Comments
Remember when I told you some exciting news about me being in a contest with Wallis to win a trip to New York Fashion Week? Well, today I’m here to remind you to VOTE FOR ME! You can vote once every hour so that means I expect 24 votes a day from each of you. That’s right, no sleeping for more than one hour at a time until the contest ends on August 26th. Am I being demanding? Maybe.
In my first post about the Wallis contest, I showed you how I styled my Wallis top for Summer. Now, I’m showing you how I transition it into Fall. To be honest, in the Fall I’d actually put my arms through the jacket but it’s 100 degrees here and just the thought of putting my arms in a jacket made me sweat. Actually, it made me glisten. Women don’t sweat, we glisten.
I appreciate your votes and your support! Thanks! And thank you to Wallis for allowing me to participate in this contest with such an amazing group of ladies.
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Top: c/o Wallis
Skirt: Daisy Rae
Heels: similar
Clutch: Forever 21 or splurge
Necklace: c/o Bohypsy
Bracelets: c/o Love Stylize, c/o YuniKelley– Use code KACIE to shop20% OFF at YuniKelley Designs

Pink Shoes

By | Daisy Rae | 40 Comments
In case you didn’t already know, heels are not the best dog walking shoes. Especially when you’re walking a 70lb lab and a 65lb bulldog. That’s a lesson I learned the hard way. My dogs are pullers and they’re stronger than me. Mix in heels and well,  let’s just say I now have a bruised knee. Why did I ever think it was a good idea?!  I plead temporary insanity and laziness. Next time, Kacie, just change your darn shoes.
P.S. Please help me win a trip to NYFW by voting for me in the Wallis Contest! (you can vote hourly)
P.P.S. I’m guest posting over at Pretty & Pink today
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Pants: similar
Watch: similar
Bracelet: similar

Stripes and Leopard

By | Daisy Rae | 58 Comments
Just FYI, I’m wearing my new Mary Kay perfume and I smell beautiful. My mom and sister have this perfume and I’m always sneaking sprays of it. They’re on to me though; they’ve started doing regular sniff tests on me to try and break my sneaky perfume stealing habits. I think they’ll be glad to know that I now have my own bottle. 
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Dress: Daisy Rae similar
Necklace: c/o Oasap
Heels: similar
Bracelets: c/o Love Stylize, c/o YuniKelley– Use code KACIE to shop20% OFF at YuniKelley Designs
Perfume: c/o Mary Kay
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Statement Necklace

By | Daisy Rae | 53 Comments

Can we just talk about how amazing my necklace is?! It’s not just amazing, it’s uh-mazing. Which is amazing to a whole new level. And I’m not the only one who thinks it’s amazing. So did the waitress at dinner. We even got a free pizookie for dessert. You know a necklace is amazing when it gets you a free pizookie. Ok, the waitress brought us the free pizookie because we were celebrating my friend, Jordan’s birthday. But Jordan was so mesmerized by my necklace, I was able to eat half her birthday pizookie without her noticing.
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Top: Daisy Rae
Jeans: similar
Heels: similar
Clutch: Nine West similar similar
Necklace: c/o Shy Boutique
Bracelets: similar similar
Lipstick: Maybelline Color Sensation Vivids in Shocking Coral 

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Black, Tan & White

By | Daisy Rae | 53 Comments

I had the hardest time picking out my accessories for this outfit. Well, the necklace was an obvious YES but I couldn’t decide on which shoes and purse I should pair with the outfit. Black? Tan? White? Which should I chose?! It doesn’t help that I’m the worlds worst decision maker. It’s a miracle I can even get dressed everyday. After spending way too long trying on different combinations of purses and shoes, I finally decided on this combo. Actually, the hubby decided on this combo. I told you I’m a horrible decision maker.
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Top: Daisy Rae-only one left similar
Cardigan: similar similar
Shorts: similar
Shoes: Macy’s
Bag: similar
Necklace: c/o White Bear/Shop Ethereal– Use code: kk20off for 20% OFF
Bracelet: c/o YuniKelley– Use code KACIE to shop 20% OFF
Rings: c/o t+j Designs, Urban Outfitter

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Side-by-Side Challenge: White Out

By | Daisy Rae | 59 Comments
I’m back with another side-by-side challenge with these gorgeous bloggers and this time we’re showing you how to wear white. Be sure to head over to their blogs to see more of their looks.

What is the one thing you don’t want to have happen when wearing white? A stain. And what happened to me when wearing this white outfit? A stain attacked me. Literally. Ok, technically me bulldog attacked me but he’s basically just one big super cute stain. You see, he loves to play in the dirt/mud and he loves to give people kisses. Not a good combination when you’re trying to avoid stains. Before I knew it, my cute muddy bulldog smashed his face against my leg. It’s a good thing he’s cute and I love him. It’s also a good thing I had some Shout handy.

Top: Daisy Rae similar
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: similar
Bag: similar
Watch: similar similar similar

Maxi Dress

By | Daisy Rae | 51 Comments

This is my favorite maxi dress I own! Ok, it’s the only maxi dress I own (Can you believe that? I’m a little shocked at this realization myself). But I’m pretty sure it would be my favorite even if I owned a million maxi dresses. Here’s to my one and only favorite maxi!

Dress: Daisy Rae
Top: Kohl
Bag: c/o Oasap
Shoes: Macy’s
Necklace: c/o Sugar Bean Jewelry
Initial Necklace: similar

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By | Daisy Rae | 44 Comments

I’m visiting with my mom as I’m getting this post together and I tell her this is my preppy look. Like I should belong in the movie Clueless. Or maybe even Legally Blonde. This is definitely how lawyer Elle Woods would dress on her day off. But then my mom came up with an even better description of my outfit. She said “You’re dressed for a safari hunt. This is if you’re hunting for pink flamingos”. Perfect description, Mom. I’m a valley girl lawyer who is on a safari hunt for pink flamingos.

Blazer: Daisy Rae
Top: Kohl’s
Shorts: similar
Shoes: similar
Necklace: similar
Bracelets: c/o Love Stylize, c/o Ayami’s Jewlery
Ring: Urban Outfitters
Bag: c/o Massi