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girls whimsical nursery
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I absolutely love the way Iris’ room turned out. It’s simple and neutral with whimsical touches and soft pops of pink. My favorite thing in the nursery is the song lyric sign hanging over her crib. Iris was named after my mom and my grandma (who passed away when I was 12, but I was very very close to her). Iris’ middle

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I have been working on styling our coffee table since we bought our house almost a year ago and it’s finally complete…that is until I find something new to add to it. My best friend is Nate Berkus (ok, I’ve never actually met him in real life but I loved him on Oprah and when he had his own show, I watched every single episode so that practically makes us besties in my world) and Nate would always says that a space should feel collected over time, so I didn’t want to rush the process of decorating our coffee table. Below are my tips for creating the perfect coffee table that will work for any style.
1. Layers: Just like with clothes, layers add interest. A stack of books give your guests something to read and a tray is perfect for organizing items. Scents is another great way to add layers. Like my good ol’ pal Nate Berkus says “Layer scent throughout your home with the new Unstopables collection. It will add so much elegance”
2. A Personal Touch: Your home should be a reflection of you. (Another tip I’ve heard from my main squeeze Nate). Our coffee table book was the guest book at our wedding. It brings back great memories every time I see it. I recently got the Polaroid camera for Valentine’s day and immediately added it to our coffee table. I can’t wait to see all the pictures our guests snap. I’m pretty sure that when my mom, sister, and niece come over next week, we will be taking a ton of pictures of our little Stevie Rae 🙂
3. Natural Elements: Incorporating nature into your tablescape doesn’t just mean flowers. You can also add faux moss balls, flowering branches, wooden coasters or a scent found in nature. The Lush and Shimmer scents from the Unstopables collection have a hint of floral in them.

4. Candles: Candles add ambiance to the space. The candle that is currently on my coffee table is the Unstoppable candle in Fresh. I’m obsessed with that smell but you can also layer your scents “with the new Unstopables collection. You can add individual scents or mix and match candles, room sprays, in-wash scent boosters, scented oil warmers and fabric refreshers to create a home fragrance that’s truely you.” Thanks Nate Berkus for that tip because I would have never thought of doing that.

5. Add A Throw Blanket: I LOVE throw blankets! They make the space feel so cozy. Don’t be afraid to drape one over the coffee table. It adds texture and warmth to the table (no pun intended). And you guys, my blankets have never smelled so good! I’ve been washing them with the Unstoppables in-wash scent boosters and omigod, they’re amazing! I just want to snuggle up in my blankets 24/7.

I hope you enjoyed taking a glimpse into my living room and found these tips useful. And can I just say that the Unstoppables collection really is the bombdigity! I normally clean my house on Thursdays but I didn’t have time to do a good cleaning this week so I just used the Unstoppables fabric spray and Unstoppables air freshener, both in the scent ‘fresh’, throughout the house and my house smells so clean! Sometimes I feel like air freshener type sprays can be too overwhelming and give me a headache but these have a light airy-ness to them that makes them smell so natural and not too strong at all.

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Snapshots of my New Home + Our Journey Along The Way

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Karen Kane Top c/o | Spike Ring c/o Jurate

This month marks one year since the hubs and I decided to live on the wild side and throw our life into shambles. Not the smartest time in our lives. The hubs quit his job for a job that required traveling around California, we sold our house and put all our belongings in storage (except for my clothes because there is no way I can part with those for any length of time), we took a look at using a delivery service like Shiply to move all our belongings but decided against it. We did however, buy a big trailer to live in while we traveled for his work. We called it our “transion” (trailer-mansion) and we called ourselves high-class trailer trash. One thing we forgot…we are total homebodies. Two weeks into our adventure we were crying, “What have we done?! We want to go home!” I don’t know how rock stars do it because it is tough out on the road.
Needless to say, our life on the road didn’t last long but our life as high-class trailer trash lasted six months. We were still unsure of where we would land and didn’t want to get locked into a rental lease, so we stayed living in the trailer while we figured things out. Me, the hubs, a chocolate lab, and an English bulldog all in the “transion” that seemed to be becoming smaller and smaller each day.
Da Dada Da!!! And then came my amazing Aunt and Uncle. They live near the hubs’ work and offered to let us live in their guest house. You mean I get to live in a house the doesn’t have wheels? Sleep in a real bed? And the dogs will have 75+ acres to roam? Bye Bye trailer! Hello my favorite aunt and uncle! (to my dad’s two other sisters, you’re my favorites also). Living in their guest house was a dream come true. The hubs and uncle did whatever guys do together…golf, ride horses, that sort of thing. And my aunt and I lounged by the pool, shopped, and took the dogs for long walks. They even made us home cooked meals at least once a week, which is a real perk for someone who doesn’t absolutely love to cook. Because of they’re generosity, we were able to save save save for a bigger down payment on a house. After a few months of blissful living, the hubs and I were ready to look for a place of our own to settle down in. My aunt and uncle introduced us to a realtor, went with us to look at homes, and (along with my parents) gave us financial advice. They didn’t just stop there, they also recommended that we use someone like Simply Switch to help us find the cheapest energy provider, so that we saved as much money as we could on out energy bills. Thanks, Aunt Julie and Uncle Pete, for giving us the guidance and the encouragement we needed to take the plunge into home ownership again. By the first of April, we bought and moved into our gorgeous new home. We had to sort the legal side of things such as quit claim deed but it was a pretty simple process. We are so happy here and so grateful for my aunt and uncle. I’m not going to lie though, I spent the first night in our new home crying because I missed my aunt and uncle and wanted to go back and live with them forever. Why wouldn’t they want to live with us and our two dogs forever too? We were awesome roommates. You can bet we have gone over to their place for a few visits since we moved.
It’s hard to believe it was only a year ago that we went temporarily insane, made such a major change, and have already landed back on our feet. Now we are busy decorating our house (if only we were millionaires and could buy everything we need to make it complete all at once) and living the homebody lifestyle we’ve learned (the hard way, I might add) we love. That is until the next time we go temporarily insane…
Thank you Aunt Julie and Uncle Pete for taking us in when you did, and thank you to both our parents for your support too!

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