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By | Black, Fashion, Grey, Stripes, Style, Tan, White, Winter Outfit | 41 Comments

I have been wanting a tan coat for soooo long! Like two years long! Ok, so I kind of forgot that I wanted one last year but two years ago I wanted one and this year I’ve been wanting one so that’s a long time of wanting. Here’s the problem, the tan coat I really wanted was hanging in my sisters closet. So what’s a little sister to do when her older sister has the coat she wants? She steals it from her, of course. I mean, that’s what sisters are for, right?! So I was all ready to break into my sisters house (a sketch of the floor plan, treats for the dogs, etc.) to steal the coat…and yes, maybe also kidnap my niece because she’s my favorite person ever and so stinkin’ cute, but I didn’t have to because my sister gave me the coat! Isn’t she the best sister ever?! Thanks Jamie! Love you! 
Oh and can we just admire that last picture where I’m taking a selfie of my outfit? I posted it to Instagram but I’m so proud of it that I had to post it here too. lol. Have you ever tried to take a picture like that? It’s the hardest thing ever! I always end up just getting my upper half in the picture and my legs look pretty much non-existent. Haha! It took me like 20+ pictures before I finally got this one. Cody was waiting patiently for me to finish taking selfie pictures of my outfit in Bed Bath & Beyond and when I finally got this good one, I yelled “nailed it” and starting giving out high fives. lol.
Outfit Details:
Tan Coat | similar
White Blouse c/o Karen Kane | similar
Grey Jeans | similar
Striped Scarf | similar
Black Purse c/o Oasap | similar
Polette Sunglasses c/o (only $23!)
Silver Watch | similar
White Snakeskin Shoes c/o Little Mistress (on sale for $37!)


By | Black, Black Jeans, Blue, Chambray, Chambray Shirt, Fall Outfit, Fashion, Plaid, Red, Style, Winter Outfit | 43 Comments

A chambray shirt and black jeans are two of my favorite closet staples. I mean three out of my last four outfit posts have been with black jeans…and the other was grey jeans which is practically faded black. So yeah, I love black jeans. I’m pretty sure there is like a million ways to wear the chambray shirt + black jeans combo…with fancy heels + statement necklace, with sneakers, etc. Yes, I know I only listed two ways but I know there are more, I just can’t think of them right now because it’s the morning and I’m sleepy. Anyways, the moral of this story is that if you don’t already own black jeans and a chambray shirt, you need to buy them asap! And may I suggest American Eagle jeans. I’m wearing the High Rise Jeggings and they fit just like my J Brand jeans but are way way less expensive. I think AE jeans might be my new go-to.

P.S. These sales are still going on 🙂

Old Navy | Up to 50% off! ends 1/28
Madewell | 30% off sale with code: UPANDUP ends 1/26
J Crew | Up to 75% off sale with code: FINDAFAV ends 1/27
Outfit Details:
Chambray Shirt | similar
Plaid Scarf c/o Caring Cowls
Red Purse c/o Oasap
Black Boots | similar
Polette Sunglasses c/o (only $23!)
Cuff Bracelet c/o Sira Mara (only $9.99!)


By | Black, Fall Outfit, Fashion, Grey, Style, White, Winter Outfit | 40 Comments
Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to hug a cloud? Well my friends, just put on this sweater and you will know. It seriously felt like I was wrapped in a cloud all day. Softest sweater ever! I can’t believe this sweater was only $20! $20 I tell you! $20 to be hugged by a cloud all day?! I’ll take it!
I am so excited to share with you all the fun “What’s in Your Red Carpet Clutch” video I did with Glam and Skinny Cow! It was so much fun! I met two awesome bloggers (check them out at Perfect 10 SF & Adore to Adorn), I got my hair and makeup done by Glam, and I got to eat a lot of Skinny Cow chocolates! So yummy! 🙂 It was such an amazing experience! It was a little scary driving home from San Fransisco though because a homeless man starting knocking on my window while I was stuck in traffic. I was terrified and didn’t know what to do so I told him to go away. Then he started yelling “Oh no she didn’t” and yelled at his friend to come over. Luckily the traffic started moving just in time. Anyways, be sure to check out the video. I’d love if you’d share, like, or comment on it 🙂 And make sure you subscribe to the Glam Youtube Channel.

Thank you for all your support! It means the world to me! Have a great weekend!

P.S. There are a few sales happening right now 🙂 Check them out:
ASOS | 20% off with code: JUSTRIGHT ends 1/23
Gap | 35% off entire site with code: BEST ends 1/23
Piperlime | 30% off with code: HITREFRESH ends 1/23
Banana Republic | 30% off with code: BRLOVE ends 1/25
J Brand | 25% off with code: FRIEND14 ends 1/23
Old Navy | Up to 50% off! ends 1/28
Madewell | 30% off sale with code: UPANDUP ends 1/26
J Crew | Up to 75% off sale with code: FINDAFAV ends 1/27

Outfit Details:
Cozy Sweater (under $20!)
Grey Jeans via Marshalls | similar
Black Boots | similar
Black Purse c/o Oasap | similar
Polette Sunglasses c/o (only $23!)
Silver Watch | similar

My Outfit:

More Super Soft Sweaters:


By | Black, Black Jeans, Fall Outfit, Fashion, Plaid, Style, Tan, White, Winter Outfit | 36 Comments

I’m kind of in love with this outfit and I keep wearing it over and over. I’ve worn it three times already. I wore it once with my hair down but I think I like it better with my hair in a bun. Plus, I’ve been hating my hair lately so pulling it back is the best option. I think I’m ready to just go to wigs. lol. Or maybe it can become a trend to be bald that way we don’t have to bother with hair styles. Let’s all shave our heads! Who’s with me? Nobody? Ok, I think I’m going to buy a different size curling iron and see how I like it before I resort to shaving my head bald. lol.
P.S. The shirt I’m wearing is on sale for $16!!! I recommend sizing up 🙂
Outfit Details:
Tan Cardigan via TJ Maxx | similar
Gingham Shirt c/o SheInside (on sale for $16!)
J Brand Jeans via Marshalls (w/DIY rips) | similar
Fringe Purse c/o Romwe | similar
Black Boots | similar
Monogram Necklace c/o oNecklace


By | Black, Black Jeans, Blue, Fall Outfit, Fashion, Grey, Red, Style | 38 Comments

So I’m not sure what the heck is happening with these pictures but when I upload them to the internet, it’s making the color of my jacket so much more saturated. The booties are true to the color they are in real life and I’m still looking as pale as ever but for some reason, the denim jacket is looking brighter than it actually is. When I open the pictures on my computer, the jacket looks normal but as soon as I put them online, they change color. It’s not doing this to any of my other pictures I upload so I’m not sure what’s going on. It’s sad to say. but I am not smarter than the computer. lol.
Anyways, remember me telling you how my dad drew my name for Christmas this year? Well, today I’m wearing a couple of the other items he got me…the oversized distressed denim jacket and the awesome wine colored booties. Didn’t he do such a great job picking out my presents?! Yes, I dropped a few hints/gave a list of everything I wanted but he had to choose what to get me and he got me all my top favorites 🙂 He’s the best Dad ever!

UPDATE: I figured out how to make it have the correct color! Yay!

Outfit Details:
Grey Tee via TJ Maxx | similar
Wine Booties (on sale!)
Black Purse | similar
Silver Watch | similar


By | Blue, Fall Outfit, Fashion, Plaid, Red, Style, White, Winter Outfit | 35 Comments

You guys, I made a new friend while I was taking these pictures 🙂 As some of you might already know, I take my blog pictures myself, with a tripod. I think I’m probably know as the weird girl in this small town who’s constantly taking picture of herself. Haha! I’m sure most people think I’m crazy or just completely full of myself. lol. But while I was taking these pictures, a super nice lady stopped to ask me what I was doing. I explained that I have a blog and blah blah blah and now she doesn’t think I’m crazy. Yay! I ran into her again and she said she’s been telling everyone in town why I’m taking pictures of myself and letting them all know that I’m not crazy. lol. 🙂 She also said she’s been reading my blog so I thought I’d say hi to her…Hi Friend! Ok, so I don’t know her name (oops!). I think she never told me her name…or I forgot what it is because I’m horrible at remembering names. I guess if I’m going to call her my friend, I should probably learn her name. And while I’m at it, I should also learn the name of my other friend, the truck driver who delivers food to all the downtown restaurants while I take my blog pictures. We say hi to each other every time and since I have no friends in this town, I call anybody I talk to my friend. lol. Oh the glorious life of a loner…Ha!
Outfit Details
Plaid Jacket c/o c/o Little Mistress
White Asymmetrical Blouse c/o Karen Kane | similar
Paige Jeans c/o Zappos
Black Purse c/o Oasap | similar
Black Wide Brim Hat | similar
Black Boots | similar


By | Blue, Fashion, Leopard, Style, Winter Outfit | 22 Comments

Thanks so much for all your well wishes about my bad case of poison oak! And sorry if it grossed anyone out. It grossed me out too! lol. I’m happy to say that the medicine worked quickly and my poison oak has dried up. It still itches a little from the new skin healing and I have scars from where the poison oak was but that always happens after I get poison oak and they should fade. Hopefully I don’t get it again.

Enough about my poison oak (unless you want to continue telling me how bad you feel for me…I can always use some sympathy 😉 )…but really, let’s talk about my amazing leopard print coat -from Fevrie! And you can shop the entire store 40% off with code kacieskloset– It’s such a fun way to add some color and print to your winter wardrobe. I kid you not, I have worn it three times already. Which is a lot considering it’s been the 60’s the past week and a half. Yes, it’s January and we have weather in the 60’s + sunny. Be jealous.

Shop Fevrie 45% off with code kacieskloset (valid thru 2/28/15)
Outfit Details:
Leopard Coat c/o  Fevrie (45% OFF w/code kacieskloset)
Grey Beanie (only $5)
DKNY Mini Crossbody | similar

More Crossbody Bags:


By | Black, Blue, Fashion, Floral, Style, Winter Outfit | 38 Comments

Well peeps, there probably won’t be too many outfit posts this week because I have had the worst case of poison oak. It got so bad that I literally couldn’t move or get dressed. I spent three days just laying in bed. (These pictures were taken in the beginning stages of the poison oak when life was still good). I’m really sensitive to poison oak and apparently we moved to the land of poison oak…I’ve gotten it 9 times in the past 10 months! This is by far the worst I’ve ever had it. It’s even worse than the time in 3rd grade when I had it on half of my face and I scared the teachers and students. What could be worse than poison oak on your face, you ask? Well my friends, just imagine the absolute worse place a gal could get poison oak…and that’s where I have it 🙁 Why God?! Why?! I’ve also got big patches of it covering my stomach, back, shoulder, and in small places on my arm and thigh. My stomach, shoulder, and back have been oozing and burning and itching so badly. Cody told me that looking at me and my oozy poison oak makes him want to throw up. It’s sweet comments like this that remind me why I fell in love with him in the first place. lol. I usually don’t go to the doctor for poison oak but in this case, I went. The medicine is already starting to work it’s magic. Hallelujah!

Outfit Details:
Floral Dress c/o Sheinside
Oversized Distressed Denim Jacket
Cashmere Scarf | similar

Cuff Bracelet c/o Sira Mara (only $9.99!)
Fringe Purse c/o Romwe (sold out) | similar
Report Booties c/o Zappos | similar


By | Black, Fashion, Plaid, Red, Style, White, Winter Outfit | 48 Comments

I’m becoming obsessed with beanies and wearing them sticking straight up like an elf hat. Beanie elf hat = super cool, if you ask me. lol. This was the hubs’ beanie-His name is Cody, in case anyone was wondering. Maybe I’ll start calling him by his name on this here blog instead of calling him “the hubs”. I suppose he deserves to be called by his actual name. lol.-anyways, this was Cody’s beanie that he had bought from Target to wear when he’s working outside in the freezing cold but I stole it from him at the end of last winter and he isn’t getting it back. Then he bought a grey one from Target to replace it but I stole that one from him too. I mean, completing my outfits are way more important than keeping him warm while he works…right? He just got a new beanie for Christmas from our brother-in-laws mom and he is not letting me anywhere near it. Haha! I guess I deserve that.
Happy Friday!

Outfit Details:
Plaid Sweater c/o Choies (on sale for $30!)
J Brand Jeans (w/DIY rips) | similar
Black Boots | similar
Black Beanie (only $5)


By | Black, Black Jeans, Fall Outfit, Fashion, Grey, Leopard, Style, Winter Outfit | 38 Comments

I’m going to tell you a little secret about myself. When I was little, after my birthday and Christmas, I’d set up a display in my bedroom of all my gifts and I’d keep it up for what some might say was “way too long”…and I still do it. I kid you not, right now in my bedroom, there is a lovely display of all my gifts. Front and center of my display is the leopard purse my 87 year old grandpa got me for Christmas and the black scarf my dad got me. (Also, my new cuff bracelet which wasn’t a Christmas gift but it’s new and I love it so I added it to the display 🙂 ) Do my dad and grandpa know how to shop for me or what?! It probably helps that I email everyone links with the exact items I want and strict instruction to only buy what’s on my list…do not go rouge! (yes, I’m aware this makes me sound controlling/high-maintenance/not-in-the-true-spirit-of-gift-giving/etc. but I promise you I’m a good person) My grandpa, he stuck to the list. But my dad, my dad went rouge. You see, in my immediate family we draw names to exchange gifts. My dad drew me and he did. not. stick. to. my. list! Uh oh! But guess what?! He nailed it! He got me the gorgeous cashmere scarf I’m wearing in today’s post and yesterday’s post (along with several other items that were on my list) and I love it so much! It was such the perfect surprise gift and my dad was so happy when he saw how much I loved it. He said he was a little nervous veering from my list but it totally paid off! I guess I shouldn’t be so strict when it comes to my list. Lesson learned. Ok honestly, I’ll probably still be strict…lesson not learned 🙂 Thanks so much Dad and Grandpa (and mom for helping Grandpa shop) for the amazing Christmas gifts!
Outfit Details:
Grey Blazer | similar
J Brand Jeans (w/DIY rips) | similar
Cashmere Scarf | similar
Black Boots | similar
Cuff Bracelet c/o Sira Mara (only $9.99!)