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Hiking Shoes

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{Top: Forever21; Cardigan: Forever21; Skirt: Marshalls, Shoes: Marshalls; Necklace: Wink; Sunglasses: Target; Ring: Premier Designs}

Catalina Island was so much fun!!!! I’m super tired today and haven’t even made it out of my pj’s yet (it’s 6:00pm)

This is the outfit I wore going to Catalina. When we got there we decided to start exploring the island and ended up hiking a blocked off dirt path to the top of a hill/mountain that overlooked the town and beach. We took these pictures once we reached the top. Since we weren’t planning on this hike, me, my sister, and our friend Elizabeth were all wearing three inch wedge heels. But surprisingly, nobody fell and I think I found my new favorite hiking shoes/wedges 😉

I’ll post more pictures from our trip tomorrow!

Showing off our hiking shoes
The view on our hike (we started off down by the water)

On Our Way

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 {Top: Marshals cute option; Jeans: Forever21 similar; Necklace: J. Crew; Ring & Bracelet: Premier Designs; Bag: Vieta; Sunglasses: Target similar; Shoes: Chinese Laundry}

 As you are reading this, I am on my way to Catalina Island for my sister’s bachelorette party! We are going with our three best friends since 1st grade and I know we are going to have so much fun! I am most looking forward to parasailing. So excited! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

P.S. If you follow me on Instagram (kacieskloset), I will try to be good about posting pictures while on the trip.

Yea or Nay?

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{Blazer: Love Culture; Tank: Forever 21 similar; Skirt: American Eagle similar; Belt: Chinese Laundry; Shoes: Just Fab; Bag: similar; Jewelry: Premier Designs; Sunglasses: similar

I don’t think I’ve worn a jean skirt since middle school. I bought this one in high school and it has been sitting in the bottom of my dresser ever since. After seeing this photo of Miranda Kerr, I decided to dig out my jean skirt and take it for a spin. I like how the blazer kind of dresses it up a bit. What are your feelings towards jean skirts? Is it a Yea or Nay?

Hippie Chick

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Inspiration Photo: Kendi Everyday

 {Top: Forever 21 similar; Sweater: unknown; Shorts: Ella Moss similar; Shoes: Payless; Earrings & Ring: Premier Designs; Bracelet: Simply Ashley; Sunglasses: Target similar; Purse: Jessica Simpson similar similar}

This is about as close to “hippie” as my wardrobe gets. What is it that makes this outfit fit into the hippie category? Look closely and you will see that my bracelet has peace signs dangling from it. And in my book peace signs = hippie. So peace out and have a groovy weekend! (See, I even have the lingo down)

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Grocery Shopping

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 {Chambray Top: Quicksilver; Jeans: IT! Jeans similar; Heels: Target; Bracelets: Premier Designs & Jeanne’s Gemstones; Watch & Necklace: Premier Designs; Sunglasses: Target similar; Bag: Prairie Rose}

What do you wear when you go grocery shopping? Me, I wear 5in. heels. But apparently not everybody does and apparently people think it’s weird if you do.

I was walking down the pasta aisle, looking at my grocery list, minding my own business when a lady stopped and asked me why I was wearing heels at the grocery store. She said my feet must be in so much pain. I think she thought I was crazy. I then explained to her my feet problems and told her that heels are actually the most comfortable shoes for my feet. I think she still thought I was a little bit crazy (I guess most women don’t consider heels to be their comfy shoes) but she also looked relieved that I really wasn’t torturing my feet by unnecessarily wearing heel to the grocery store. I think she was just concerned for my well being.

I Love Them, I Love Them Not

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{Dress: Forever21; Jean Jacket: Old; Necklace: family heirloom; Tights: Target; Shoes: BGBG; Bag: Marshalls Bracelets: Premier Designs; Ring: Chloe + Isabel}

Here is a little something I bet you didn’t know about me… I hate wearing dresses! I see them on other people and think they are oh so cute but when I put them on, I just feel so dressy.  I do, however, like skirts. How can I like skirts but not dresses? I don’t know, I’m just weird like that.

Every once in a while I will come across a dress that I like on me, such as the dress I’m wearing today. Although, I think the main reason I like this dress is because it looks more like a skirt and top than a dress. But it is a dress and I like it!

Cool Down

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 {Top: H&M; Jeans: Levi’s; Bag: Unknown; Shoes: Unkown; Sunglasses: Target; Jewelry: Premier Designs; Scarf: Marshall’s}

The weather was in the 90’s over the weekend! It is starting to cool down now and I am so thankful for that. I realized I am not quite ready for the summer weather. Summer is my least favorite season. If it never got above 80 or even 90 degrees, I would be happy. But getting to highs of over 100 during the summer, just makes it not so enjoyable to be outside. Luckily we have a boat so we can go on the river and cool off a bit. Here’s to hoping the 70’s weather sticks around for a bit longer.

Date Night

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 {Top: Marshals; Jeans: Marshals; Belt: Chinese Laundry; Shoes: Nordstroms; Bag: unknown; Jewelry: Premier Designs}

 On Saturday, the hubby and I had a date night. And by date night, I mean we went to the movies and got ice cream after. We saw The Lucky One and loved it (Being that it is a chick flick, I’m sure I liked it a little more than the hubby did). I had read the book about a year or two ago and I love anything Nicholas Sparks so I kind of knew I would like the movie. Did anyone else see The Lucky One over the weekend?


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  {Blazer:Gift; Top: Marshalls; Jeans: Marshalls Similar; Heels: Target; Bag: Vieta; Sunglasses: Gift; Jewery: Premier Designs & Prairie Rose}

Let me start by saying, I have the BEST sister in the world! My sister, Jamie, is 22 months older than me but we were only a year apart in school (I started school when I was 4). She is not only my sister but my very best friend. My sister-friend. I don’t know how I’d get through life without her.

My sister does many nice things for me. The most recent being… she surprised me with a present! And not just one present but two! I came back from vacation over the weekend and had two gifts waiting for me. One being the blazer I am wearing today. Isn’t she the sweetest!?! See, I told you I had a great sister 🙂