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One Dress: Two Ways

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Today I’m teaming up with Adri of Adri Lately to show you two ways to wear this red dress from Zara. I met Adri at LuckyFabb in April. She is the sweetest person and I want to steal all her clothes. That’s how I treat stylish nice people…I steal their clothes. She wore this dress on the last day of LuckyFabb and I instantly fell in love with it. I tried stealing it from her right then and there but she wouldn’t let me. Instead, she told me where to buy it. I guess buying it was a better option than stealing. Be sure to visit Adri Lately to check out her amazing style!

Remember when I told you I was setting a goal for myself to buy more dresses this season? I set pretty high goal for myself, I know. Well, look at me accomplishing my goal one dress at a time. First it was a striped maxi dress, then the polka dot dress I wore to my sisters shower (that outfit will be on the blog soon) and now a red dress. Three dresses down, an endless amount to go. If you don’t already own a red dress (or even if you do), I suggest you make it a goal to buy one this season.
Outfit Details:
Monogram Necklace c/o oNecklace | similar
“Dope” Necklace c/o Satterday
Watch | similar

Here are some cute red dresses I’ve found. Do you think it’d be ok if I bought all of these red dresses? Can a girl ever have too many red dresses? I think not.


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We had my sister’s baby shower over the weekend and it was amazing! I’m kind of sad it’s over and I’m also super tired. I was so excited about the shower that the two nights leading up to it, I barely got any sleep. I kept waking up throughout the night thinking about the shower. The morning of, I woke up at 4:30 with my mind racing and couldn’t get back to sleep. And whenever that happens, my imagination always comes up with a scenario where I have to become Jason Bourne and bust out my secret fighting ninja moves to save us from all the bad people of the world. How my brain went from baby shower excitement to Jason Bourne secret fighting ninja awesomeness is a mystery. But nonetheless, it did. And after a weekend filled with imaginary secret fighting ninja responsibilities and a real life baby shower, I am one tired girl.

Outfit Details:
Cargo Vest | similar similar
Boyfriend Shirt | similar
Denim Shorts | similar
Jessica Simpson Purse | similar
Steve Madden Sandals | similar
Finger Ring
Watch | similar 
Chain Necklace | similar

Blue On Blue On Blue

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 My brain couldn’t focus on getting dressed today and when that happens, you just pick a color and run with it. I chose blue (in case you couldn’t tell). Why can’t my brain focus on clothing today, you ask? Because it has been so preoccupied with planning my sister’s baby shower (along with the help of our two best friends Jordan and Elizabeth). And guess what? Her baby shower is tomorrow! I am so so excited! It is going to be the cutest baby shower ever for the cutest pregnant lady ever! (Yes,I’m a little biased). 
Follow me on Instagram (@kacieskloset) to see pictures of all the baby shower cuteness.
Outfit Details:
Chiffon Top c/o Chic Wish
Lace Bra c/o Aerie
Dark Wash Jeans | similar
Monogram Necklace c/o oNecklace
Long Necklace c/o Ashley Schenkein
Watch | similar
Eye Ring c/o Oasap
Feeling blue? Check out these blue pieces:

Long Cardigan

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I’ve decided that I love long cardigans. If you ask me, when it comes to cardigans, the longer the better. And the best part about a long white cardigan? You feel like a doctor. Not a doctor who wear scrubs but a stylish doctor, like Rachel Bilson on Hart of Dixie. Just healing the world with your cute clothes. So ladies today I, Dr. Kacie, prescribe each of you a long cardigan. Time to go shopping! It’s the doctors orders after all.
Outfit Details:
Long Cardigan | similar
Ripped Jeans | similar
Snakeskin Wedges | similar
Jessica Simpson Purse | similar
Ashley Schenkein Bracelet c/o

Some cute long cardigans I found:


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Grey Bra | Lace Bra | Undies
c/o Aerie

Ladies, today we are going to talk about bras. Finding the right bra is so important but can often be difficult. I have very small, almost nonexistent boobs (amen for padded bras) and struggle to find bras that fit without gaping. That is why, up until a week ago when I discovered Aeries amazing bras, I only had two bras; a black one and a white one. I could never find pretty bras that fit. It was a sad boring life my bosom was living.
Enter Aerie’s Bra Guide. Use the Fit Tips to find your proper size, then shop the wide selection of bras in your size using Aerie’s Bra Guide. The fitting guide features real, untouched women wearing the Aerie products in the size indicated so you can see how the bra fits on someone with the same bra size as you. It makes shopping online for bras so easy! Now your bedroom can become your fitting room! To make it even more worry-free, Aerie offers free shipping and free returns on all bra purchases. So go check it out and let Aerie’s Bra Guide help you find your perfect bra.
P.S. If you post a photo of an Aerie product or of yourself in an Aerie product with the hashtag #aeriereal on Instagram or twitter, your picture with appear on the Aerie website. How cool is that?!
Sponsored by Aerie. All opinions are my own. 
Thank you for supporting the companies that support this blog.

Oversized Clutch

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You guys, my clutch is a hit with the babies. They love it. My friends cute six month old son couldn’t get enough of it. All he wanted to do while I was holding him was chew and slobber on it. And that was a-okay with me because we all know that no outfit is complete without a little baby slobber.
I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!
 Memorial Day Sales:
Nordstrom: Women’s and Kids Half Yearly Sale! Shop the sale here. // Ends 6/1
Gap: Take 40% off regular price styles! Use code EVENT. Restrictions apply. // Ends 5/26
Urban Outfitters: The Get Out of Town Sale. 25% off all dresses and 25% off all mens shorts and tank tops.
JOIE: Receive an extra 20% off sale items! Use code MDW20 // Ends 5/26
French Connection: 30% off online & in stores + free shipping for online purchases over $150! Use code: S14MEM // Ends 5/26  
Outfit Details:
Black Blouse | similar
J Brand Wide Leg Jeans | similar
Oversized Clutch c/o Chicwish
Initial Necklace | similar
Watch | similar
Double Bar Rings c/o inPink | similar

Straight Hair Don’t Care

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I rarely wear my hair straight because well, my hair rarely gets straight enough. Usually my natural curl fights it’s way through screwing up any plans I had for straight hair. But this week the stars aligned and the straight hair gods decided to bless me. And when the straight hair gods descend upon a curly haired gals head, you wear your hair straight for four days* without washing it.  
 *I only wash my hair once a week so four days of no washing is nothing to my hair.
Outfit Details:
Floral Blazer c/o Chicwish
Shorts via Marshalls
Jessica Simpson Purse similar similar
Steve Madden Sandals | similar
Watch | similar
Spike Bracelet c/o Love Stylize | similar   
Double Bar Rings c/o InPink | similar


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I love mint! I love it on tops and I love it on jeans! I love it on shoes and purses and necklaces and toes! I love it covered in chocolate and I love it as ice cream! What can I say, I just love mint! If I had to choose a favorite way to take my mint, it would definitely be mint ice cream covered in chocolate sauce. I mean, nothing can really beat ice cream and chocolate, right? But this mint top is a close second.
Outfit Details:
Mint Top c/o Oasap
Rich and Skinny Jeans | similar
Jessica Simpson Purse similar similar
Steve Madden Sandals | similar
Mint Statement Necklace c/o Bijoux Box | similar

Travel Attire

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Do you ever put on an outfit and think I need to go to the airport in this outfit because this is the perfect travel attire? We all know I’ve had this thought more than once.  I really feel like I could just walk into the airport and board a plane to France because I have on the perfect airport outfit. And then I’d be tackled by TSA because I have no ticket and my passport is no longer valid. Um, hello TSA, did you see what I am wearing? The right travel outfit is way more important than silly things like tickets and passports.
And that is why instead of going to the airport, I went to our local farmers market…and the parking garage where I took these pictures.
Outfit Details:
Denim Jacket | similar
Red Scarf | similar
Black Bag c/o Oasap 
Black Watch c/o Total Betty Society
Bracelet: c/o Total Betty Society