Clarisonic Mia 2 | Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

I know, I know, everybody has been raving about the Clarisonic for a few years now, and I’m a little late to the discovery of its amazing-ness. But I was never sure if it was worth spending the money on when there were so many less expensive options out there. Spoiler Alert: The Clarisonic is most definitely worth it (and it’s currently on sale)!

I used the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System for about a year before Cody surprised me with the Clarisonic Mia 2 (my best friend, Jordan, had been trying to get me to buy one for years, and when Cody needed help picking out my Christmas gifts, she told him I needed the Clarisonic. Thanks Jordan! 🙂 ) I did really like the Olay system. I noticed that it made my skin a lot softer, and my skin felt cleaner than if I were to just wash my face with my hands. For only $40 it’s totally worth it. But it still doesn’t compare to the Clarisonic Mia 2.

The Clarisonic gives such a deeper clean than other products. Prior to using the Clarisonic, I had been getting those tiny little texture bumps on my forehead that aren’t zits or blackheads, they’re just annoying bumps that are impossible to cover up. Once I started using the Clarisonic, the texture bumps disappeared! The Clarisonic has so many extras that other similar products don’t have. It comes with a charger so you never have to buy batteries, it has two speeds to choose from, it has a timer that buzzes so you know when to move on to a different section of your face (20 seconds on your forehead, 20 second on your nose/chin, 10 seconds on each cheek), it comes in fun colors and prints to fit your style, you can purchase different brush heads to suit your skin type, and the brush head can come apart so you have a smaller brush for areas like around your nose (I get blackheads around my nose and this has really helped with that).

The only bad thing I have to say about the Clarisonic is that if you don’t remove the brush head at least once a week to let it dry out, it will get moldy behind the brush head area. Gross! lol. So now after I wash my face, I twist the brush head off to let it dry out. It’s super easy and definitely not something that should prevent you from buying it. It’s just something to be aware of 🙂 Also when you buy the Clarisonic, it comes with the sensitive brush head, which I loved. When it came time to replace it, I decided to try the deep pore cleansing brush and I don’t recommend it. I don’t have sensitive skin at all and my skin is pretty normal, but this brush makes my skin dry out. I really want to try the cashmere brush next. It sounds so amazing! Lastly, it’s important to know that when you first start using the Clasrisonic, it can make your face break out because it’s bringing all the dirt to the surface. If that happens to your skin, don’t give up on the Clarisonic! Push through it, and in a week or two, your skin will look more amazing than ever! Trust me 🙂 Oh and did I mention the Clarisonic Mia 2 is currently on sale for under $120! If you haven’t bought one yet, now’s your time!

XO, Kacie


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