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By September 22, 2014 40 Comments
Kacie's Kloset
Medium Hair Style
Black Pumps
Brevity Necklace
Printed Pants
Gold Rings
Black Crop Top

Can you guess how I spent my weekend? If you guessed with the most adorable little person ever, then you are right! I spent all weekend with my favorite niece, Stevie Rae. I love her so much! I can’t believe she is almost 7 weeks old! I’ll admit when my sister told me she was pregnant, I was a little scared. I don’t like change and I was afraid the new baby would steal my sister from me and I would never ever see her again. Maybe I was being a little dramatic. lol. But you see, my sister and I are practically twins, twins born a year and ten months apart, and I couldn’t imagine anyone else entering our little sisterhood. But now I realize I was being crazy…Stevie hasn’t stolen anything from our sisterhood but added to it. She’s seriously the best ever! She’s also super fun to buy clothes for. Anything that says something about an aunt on it, I buy. The little outfit she’s wearing in these pictures is from this auntie and I also bought her an adorable Halloween outfit* that, of course, has to do with her auntie 🙂

*pictures of her in the Halloween outfit are coming to a blog near you in October

P.S. Thanks mom/super grandma for taking these pictures! I love you! And as you know, you’re a part of our sisterhood too 🙂

My Outfit Details:
Black Crop Top | similar
Printed Pants c/o Chantilly
Black Pumps | similar
Gold Watch | similar
Stevie Rae’s Outfit Details:


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