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Chambray Shirt | Denim Skirt: similar longer option here | Crossbody Purse: similar | Snakeskin Sandals | Wooden Watch ℅ JORD |Sunglasses ℅ SheIn <–enter $120 SheIn Giveaway!

When I think of denim skirts, I always imagine the ones that were all the rage in the early 2000’s. Do you remember those? Not cute! In middle school, my sister, cousin, and I all had the same skirt, and yes, we would wear it to school on the same day so we all matched. We were super cool like that. 😉 Looking back at the pictures years later, I vowed never to wear another denim skirt in my life…and then this skirt (longer version here) happened and I broke my vow. But denim skirts have come a long way since then, so I feel like it was ok to break the vow. 

Want to know another silly thing about me…my watches are never set at correct time. Cell phones are for telling time, watches are for looking pretty…ok, and they’re for telling time too. But mostly for looking pretty. lol. But seriously, I need to be better about actually setting my watches at the correct time. I’ve had people ask me what time it is because I have a watch on and I’m like, “Sorry, my watch is here because it looks amazing with my outfit. It doesn’t actually know the time.” But have I set the correct time on my new wooden watch from JORD? Nope! But doesn’t it look super cute with my outfit?! I love the natural and modern elements it brings to the look. I also love that when you order it, they size it to your wrist. I have tiny wrists so I usually have to make a special trip to the jewelers to get my watches sized and it’s such a hassle. Also, the packaging it came in was super cool. You’ll just have to order a watch for yourself to know what I’m talking about 😉 And you should also get yourself a denim skirt, and then we can wear them on the same day and be twins because we’re cool like that.

XO, Kacie

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