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Picture Frame (in the size you want your tassels)



I struggled to find a crib mobile I loved for Iris’s nursery. Well, actually, all the ones I found that I loved were over $100 and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on a crib mobile. So instead, I decided to make one. This crib mobile only cost me $15 to make (I bought all the yarn on sale and I found the stick on one of our hikes). I love that I was able to match the colors in the mobile perfectly to the colors in her room to tie everything together. Since making this crib mobile, I have also used the same technique to make a couple wall hangings for our house, including this one in Hazel’s room.

STEP 1: Wrap the yarn around a picture frame of your desired tassel length. I wrapped it around about 75 times. Once it’s as thick as you’d like, cut the yarn, then use the same yarn to tie all the yarn strings together. Then cut it off the picture frame in the middle (directly behind where you tied it off…if the hassle is uneven, you can trim it to make it even).

STEP 2: Using the same color yarn as your tassel, tie two strings around the top of the tassel. I double knotted these so make sure they wouldn’t come undone. Cut off any excess yard/string.

STEP 3: Tie the white yarn (or whatever color you want the mobile strings to be) to the top of the tassels. Cut the white yarn at your desired length (I cute mine extra long to ensure that I had enough length when it came time to tie each tassel to the stick/branch.

STEP 4: Arrange your tassels how you want them to hang from the stick/branch and tie them to the branch. Again, I double/triple knotted them on. Then cut the remaining white yarn from the stick/branch.

STEP 5: Tie the piece of  yarn to either side of the branch to allow you to hang the mobile.

I hope you liked the tutorial! If you have any questions or if you’d like me to explain something better, leave a comment below 🙂

XO, Kacie

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