Cornstarch | Cocoa Powder | Powder Brush | Hair Brush

I have discovered a new DIY dry shampoo that I am loving way more than the baby powder method that I used to use. Baby powder was great for soaking up oil but it made my hair smell like baby powder for the rest of the day. And I’ve realized I don’t love the smell of baby powder. Haha!

Now, I use cornstarch. I’ve been using it for a while as my face powder to set my makeup, so it’s always in my makeup bag. A while ago, I was in a pinch and needed dry shampoo but didn’t have any baby powder or my Batiste dry shampoo with me, so I decided to toss some cornstarch in my hair and see what happened 🙂 Because who doesn’t throw food in their hair to see if it will work as a hair product? It worked just as good as baby powder without the baby powder smell. Yay! To make it easier to blend with my dark hair, I added cocoa powder. The cocoa powder obviously has a cocoa smell to it, but it’s not as strong as baby powder and honestly, I don’t mind smelling like a delicious cake 🙂

DIY Dry Shampoo (for Brunette):

Step 1: Mix equal parts cornstarch and cocoa powder.

Step 2: Use a big powder brush to apply the mixture to your roots. I find it blends best if I apply it a little bit beyond my roots too.

Step 3: Use your fingers to rub it into your hair. Tip: flip your head over to prevent any excess powder from landing on your clothes.

Step 4: Use a combo or brush to brush the powder into your hair. This will help it blend even better.

I hope my fellow brunettes like this DIY dry shampoo as much as I do! I think I like it even better then my Batiste 🙂 I’ve also heard you can mix in some cinnamon or essential oils to give it a nice smell but I haven’t tried that yet.

XO, Kacie


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