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Large Piece of Green Felt | Smaller Pieces of Felt in Various Colors | Sharpie | Scissors | Fabric Glue (optional) | Staples or Pins (to secure tree to the wall)

My mom gave my sister and I the idea to make a felt Christmas tree for our kids and I’m so glad she did because all the kids (ages 3 years, 22 months, and 14 months) love playing with them! It’s SO EASY to make! You can get a little more into detail and use fabric glue to attach a tree trunk and to create the ornaments, or you can keep it more simple and skip gluing all together. If you’re kids are a little older, they can even help you. My sisters kids helped her in the making of their felt tree.

TO MAKE THE FELT TREE: Use a sharpie to draw a tree on the big piece of green felt (you can also find a template on Pinterest and print it off at a copy store to create a large stencil). Cody drew mine for me and made it have a lot of triangles/branches, but my sister made hers more simple with only three triangles/branches on either side, and she cut the tree trunk into the green felt so that she didn’t have an extra step in cutting out the brown felt for the tree trunk and gluing it to the green felt tree. Once the tree is drawn on the felt, start cutting it out. If you’re adding a brown tree truck, cut it out and use fabric glue to clue it to the back side of the tree.

TO MAKE THE FELT ORNAMENTS: Use a sharpie to draw your ornament shapes or designs on the colored felt, and cut them out. My sister and her kids kept it pretty simple and cut their ornaments into various shapes. The kids loved picking out which colors and shapes to do, and my niece (the 3 year old) has been practicing cutting with scissors. I made mine with a little more detail (since Hazel is still too young to “help” me 😉 ). You can either free hand draw the shapes on the felt or you can find templates on Pinterest. Either way, I recommend drawing them on a pieces of paper first, cutting the shapes out of the paper, and then tracing them on the felt. It will make it easier to ensure that your ornaments are symmetrical if you’re making multiples of the the same ornament (like I did with the snowman, gingerbread man, and candy canes). Once you have all the pieces cut out, use your fabric glue to add the details like buttons, a top hat, and/or stripes.

It’s been so fun to watch Hazel play with and decorate her felt tree. I love that we can save it for next year, and I know it will be something she looks forward to playing with each Christmas.

XO, Kacie

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