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Eucalyptus (real or fake)

Fake Flowers

12 Gauge Decorative Wire

Floral Wire

Wire Cutters

Hot Glue Gun (optional)

Jute Rope

My mom used to make eucalyptus wreaths every winter so I decided to take some inspiration from her and create a simple spring wreath. I have a bunch of dried eucalyptus (that I stole from my Grandpa’s tree in his backyard 🙂 ) in one of these paper bags as decoration in our house, so I used dried eucalyptus to make my wreath, but I think fresh eucalyptus would be easier to handle, so I would definitely recommend using the fresh stuff if you can.

Step 1: Shape the decorative wire in a half circle and create a loop on either end.

Step 2: Use floral wire to attach the eucalyptus to the half circle decorative wire. Continue attaching eucalyptus until you get the look you desire.

Step 3: Use floral wire and/or the hot glue gun to attach the fake flowers.

Step 4: Tie the jute rope through the loops on the decorative wire for hanging, and TA DA!

If you use this tutorial to make your own wreath, share it on social media and tag me in it so I can check it out 🙂

XO, Kacie


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