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We got a set of beads for Hazel to string onto pipe cleaners (a great activity for developing fine motor skills), and she loved it! She’d made bracelets for everyone in the family and she was always asking “Can I bead Mommy?” So I wanted to come up with a new beading craft for her, and came up with this beaded wind chime craft (it’s a lot like the crib mobile I made for Iris’s room). Hazel enjoyed making this so much that when she finished, she wanted to start a new one for Grandmama.

It’s been a really fun family craft. We went on a hike to hunt for the perfect stick, and Hazel will ask for Cody or I to bead with her, so we’ve all contributed to this craft. We even made a strand for Iris that she could pack around while we strung the beads. Since Hazel’s only 2 1/2, it took a couple weeks to finish it. She’d work on it while I was cooking our meals or when she woke up too early in the morning and it was still quite time. And now that it’s finished, she’s so proud to see it hanging outside. 

P.S. These pictures are actually of my sisters house, because my house isn’t white (I hope to paint it white one day), and I did’t think it showed up enough in pictures and wanted you to really be able to see it in the pictures. But it’s hanging on our front porch at home now 🙂

XO, Kacie


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