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easter basket for toddler girlseaster basket ideas for toddlers

Easter is less than two weeks away and it totally snuck up on me this year. I’ve been in full on nesting mode for the baby and hadn’t even thought about Easter or what to put in Hazel’s Easter basket this year. But thank goodness for Amazon Prime (and the Target dollar section) because I found some great stuff for her basket 🙂

-Books: We love books so I always get Hazel a new book for every occasion. This year, I got her Little Blue Truck’s Springtime and P is For Peter. Last year she got the book Bunny Roo, I Love You from my parents and it’s still one of her favorite books.

Calico Critters Family: Hazel has been loving her family…when we read a book, she points to the people and tells me they are Dada, Grandmama, Papa, etc. She also has little lego people who have become each member of the family and she insists on taking them to bed with her. It’s so cute! I thought it’d be fun to start a Calico Critters collection so she can eventually have each member of our family, doll house for them, etc. Hazel is obsessed with bunnies so I went with the bunny family, but they have them in cats, kangaroos, and many other critters.

-Summer Sandals: (not pictured in her basket because there was a shipping delay). We need new shoes for the new season so why not include them in her Easter Basket? I chose to get See Kai Run sandals for her because they are amazing quality and provide good support. They’re the only pair of sandals I plan on buying this season so I wanted a pair that would last all summer long and match all of her outfits.

-Spring Clothes: Just like with the sandals, new spring clothes is something we need. It’s fun to add an adorable spring outfit to her basket. This is the one I picked out for her Easter basket this year and now I want to get it in more colors. She’s a girly tomboy so she gets excited for new clothes…that she can go play in the mud in. Haha! But she looks cute playing in the mud in her adorable clothes! Plus, that’s what stain remover was invented for, right? 😉

Swimsuit: My grandma started the tradition of buying us a new swimsuit each Easter and my mom is carrying on the tradition with her grandkids. While a swimsuit for Hazel isn’t in the Easter basket from Cody and me, my mom got her this swimsuit to be in her basket from her grandparents 🙂

Bubbles: What kid doesn’t love bubbles?! Hazel gets so excited any time she sees bubbles so this was a must for her Easter basket. (I found the bubbles in the dollar section at Target).

Sidewalk Chalk: Sidewalk chalk is such a fun activity to do when the weather is nice. Hazel loves to color and she also loves being outside, so she’ll love getting to color outside. I also plan on putting up a chalkboard in the playroom. (I found the sidewalk chalk for her basket in the dollar section at Target).

-Snacks: We try not to give Hazel a lot of sweets, so I didn’t want to include candy in her basket. But she LOVES yogurt raisins.

Window Clings: I found these in the dollar section at Target and they looked like they’d be a lot of fun for her.

Lavender & Linen Doll and Clothes: Hazel has been really into babies lately. She has a few baby dolls that she’ll  undress and tell me the baby pooped. It will be fun to have an adorable doll that she can change the clothes on. (I’m pretty sure that if you place your order by this Friday 3/23, your order will arrive by 3/29)

What are you putting in your kids Easter baskets this year?

XO, Kacie

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