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Fur Jacket | Black Cami | Embroidered JeansBlack Saddle Bag c/o Thacker | Velvet Booties

I am OBSESSED with these embroidered jeans! They make me feel like such a cool mom 😉 But I’m totally going to be one of those mom’s who embarrasses their kids because it’s so easy and funny. The other day I heard a mom yell to her son as he walked away “If you don’t say you love me back and I die in a car accident today, you’re going to regret it”. Haha!

We took Hazel to get her picture taken with Santa the other day. As soon as we got there she had a major blowout and got poop all over Cody. He just stood there holding her saying, “I have poop on me and I don’t know what to do. Help!” Ha! So I had to basically give her a wipey bath in the public bathroom and change her outfit. Then she fell asleep while we were waiting in line and slept through meeting Santa. I guess having a sleeping baby is better than a crying baby. Also, this small saddle bag is definitely not my go-to bag these days. Really, I only use it for blog pictures. On our regular outings, I’m all about choosing the best diaper bags for me, aka. gigantic and cute 🙂

XO, Kacie


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