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This is my crazy family; my mom, dad, husband, daughter, sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew, and cousin (who grew up down the street from us and who my sister and I spent every second of our childhood with). These are my absolute favorite people in the entire world…well, and my Grandma and Grandpa too…and my nephews on Cody’s side, but you get the point, I love this group of people with all my heart. They’re my favorite people to do anything and everything with. We plan all our vacations together, we talk several time a day on the phone (and text even more), and we just have fun together.  

I pray that when Hazel grows up, she feels the same way about me and Cody and her sibling, as I do about my family. I pray that even as an adult she wants to spend time with us and that we always have fun as a family. And all of that has me thinking about why my family has stayed as close as we have through the years. And I think it comes down to family traditions. Traditions that were started when I was a baby, traditions that always will be because they always have been. Whether the traditions are big like a family vacation or small like eating dinner together, those are the things that make a family close. Traditions like dancing in the living room with country music blasting and my dad teaching us how to swing dance, or my mom taking us out for ice cream after our first day of school so we could tell her all about our day, or going on a walk with our mom every evening, or driving down dirt road with our parents, or Sunday dinners with my grandparents which has now turned into going out for Sunday breakfast with my grandpa when I’m in town, or just finding time every day to be a family (although, now it’s more like every month that we get together since I live a couple hours away).These are the things that have kept us close and even though time has changed things and we’ve had to adjust our traditions a little bit, we still make it a priority to keep our family traditions alive.

So I’m starting our traditions with Hazel now. Cody and I eat dinner at the table with her every night, we go on family vacations, Hazel had her first dance party in my parent’s living room a couple months ago, and Hazel and I go on a walk together every day. I’m excited to share my childhood traditions with her and to create new ones for her. I’m excited to watch her grow and hope that she always enjoys spending time with us…well, at least mostly enjoys it because I know there will probably be moments where she finds us annoying. Haha!

XO, Kacie

P.S. I’ll be sharing more of our family photos of just me, Hazel, and Cody in an upcoming post 🙂

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