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This is the first and only weekly shampoo I have tried and I LOVE IT! I only wash my hair once a week so when I do, I really need to get it clean. This shampoo leaves my coarse hair feeling clean, silky and shiny. 
(I received this in my swag bag from Lucky FABB)
I don’t use a lot of product on my hair because I feel like it makes my hair dirty so I was very reluctant to buy this product. My cousin/hairdresser (Markie at Plum Crazy in Red Bluff) talked me into it and I am so glad she did. It gives my hair great texture without making it feel dirty. Love it!
3. Coconut Oil (organic unrefined cold-pressed):
What can’t coconut oil do? It’s a magical must-have! I massage it in my hair from root-to-tip once a week, focusing mainly on the tips. I leave it in for a couple hours before washing it with the weekly shampoo. It really helps to keep my hair healthy. I also use it as an eye makeup remover. It easily takes off my waterproof mascara.
When you only was your hair once a week, dry shampoo is your best friend. I usually don’t need to use it until the last two days but boy does it help to cover up the grease. I’ve tried other dry shampoos but they either left my hair feeling greasier than before or the white product wouldn’t blend into my dark hair. Batiste Dry Shampoo comes in different shades to match your hair so you never have to worry about your dry shampoo showing.
This bronzer will work on all skin types. It has amazing pigment so if you’re super pale like me, it won’t take much product to show up on your skin. It doesn’t have any shimmer to it making it perfect for contouring.
I have this balm stain in six different colors but “honey” is by far my favorite. It’s the perfect neutral shade! I’ve repurchased it twice and I think it will always be in my lipstick collection. It’s my go-to color! My bestie, Jordan (she’ll be starting a blog soon), also has this color and she loves it too!
Oh, the beauty blender. I use this everyday to blend in my under-eye concealer. I first tried the knockoff version but there really is no comparison. Knockoff versions are hard has a rock (not what you want when dealing with your under-eye skin) but the real deal Beauty Blender is so soft. It’s like a little cloud. (And make sure you get the beauty blender cleanser too. It will make your blender last longer and works great for your other makeup brushes + it has a very subtle but amazing smell)
The way this product glides on your face is uh-mazing! I’ve tried a few other drugstore foundations as well has some higher-end ones but this is my favorite. It has a medium coverage that’s buildable if you like full coverage. And it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin either. It’s very comparable to MAC. If you know your MAC color, you can use this chart to find your Revlon color. I used it and it worked perfectly for me. (My Revlon color is 150 BUFF)
I’m pretty sure this is the best highlighting concealer that exists. I tried every drugstore concealer trying to find something cheaper but nothing is as good as MAC. It brightens your face and isn’t cake-y at all. (I use the color: radiant rose).
Argan oil is not just for your hair, it does amazing things for your skin too! I’m sure their are other brands (like Josie Maran) that are great too but Aura Cacia is so much more affordable. Get it! Your skin will thank you!
This brush is so soft and applies makeup flawlessly! What more can be said about it?
I have very dry lips and have been on a search my whole life for a lip balm that will leave my lips feeling soft and moisturized. I’ve tried so many different products I can’t even count that high. Friends and family would always suggest products to try that they swore by but nothing worked for me. Nothing worked, that is, until I started using EOS. Since then, my lips haven’t been dry at all.


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