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HAZEL’S OUTFIT: Dress via Marshalls | Freshly Picked Moccasins c/o

MY OUTFIT: Striped Statement Sleeve Top | Jeans | Dress: jojobride |Lace-up Flats: similar

Can you believe how big Hazel is?! How is she already big enough to be trying to stand and walk?! She pulls herself up on everything and sometimes she thinks she’s better than she is, and she’ll let go of what she’s holding onto and falls. lol. 

I had never really thought about Hazel needing baby shoes because for the first several months of her life, she was in the pavlik harness and couldn’t wear shoes, so they kind of went off my radar. She was always in socks to keep her feet warm but once she started pulling herself up on things, I realized the socks were too slippery. We decided to get her some Freshly Picked Moccasins because, well, my mom said they’re the best and I always listen to my mom (especially when it comes be baby stuff because she’s worked in childcare for 30 years). So I thought I’d share a few reasons we love our Freshly Picked Soft Sole Moccasins 🙂

  • The actually stay on your baby’s feet!
  • They’re so durable. When Hazel out grows them, I will save them for our next baby 🙂
  • They’re perfect for a baby just learning to stand and walk.
  • They’re flexible and can move with your babies foot which is very important for development of their foot and for learning to walk. (As said by my mom, the child care expert)
  • They come in a ton of colors and prints. So cute!

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XO, Kacie

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