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Great Lash Mascara | Sally Hansen Eyelash Curler | Baby Powder

I wish I was talented enough to put on false lashes so I could have super thick and amazing lashes, but I’m not. Womp! Womp! Seriously though,  I cannot be the only one who struggles with it. Every time I try, my false lashes end up hanging half way off with globs of glue. I admire anyone who has mastered the art of putting on falsies. Big round of applause to you! Lucky for me (and everyone else who struggles with false lashes), there’s an easier way to get full lashes.

Items needed: eyelash curler (optional), baby powder, your favorite mascara, and q-tips. (Sorry I forgot to include q-tips in my photo…while I was taking the pictures, I kept thinking something was missing but couldn’t figure out what…it was the q-tips. lol)

Step 1: Pump an eyelash curler through your lashes to get the perfect curve. (optional but highly recommended)

Step 2: Tap some baby powder into the palm of your hand, then dip a q-tip into the baby powder.

Step 3: Coat the tops and bottoms of your lashes in baby powder. Your lashes should look ashy-white when you’re done.

(Note: you can apply a coat of mascara to your lashes before applying the baby powder to help the baby powder stick to the lashes. It can make your lashes look a little bit clumpier so I don’t do it.)

Step 4: Apply a couple coats of mascara from root to tip until your lashes are black again.

I’m telling you guys, this is such an easy way to get full lashes! You MUST try it for yourselves 🙂

XO, Kacie


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