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gender reveal partymaternity style outfitgender reveal poemgender reveal party photo booth ^^My mom and dad | My sister and her little fam (her husband has been Cody’s best friend since 3rd grade)
gender reveal party photo booth^^ My grandpa | My niece Stevie Rae…aren’t these two the cutest ever!

gender reveal party photo booth^^Cody’s brother and his fam | Cody’s mom | Cody’s dad and his girlfriend

gender reveal party photo booth^^ Two of mine and my sister’s best friends, Jordan and Elizabeth. They helped throw the party. They’re the only two who knew what we were having, so we were all watching when they entered the photo booth…obviously they were playing a trick on us. Haha!

gender reveal party photo booth^^My Aunt Julie and Uncle Pete | My Aunt Vicki (two of my dad’s sisters). The party was held at Aunt Julie and Uncle Pete’s house.

gender reveal party photo booth^^My cousin and her husband (she’s pregnant and due in October too!) | Mine and my sister’s other best friend, Cori, and her husband.

custom backdropsgender reveal party photo boothfirst communion backdrop/First-communion-custom Holy-backdrop Communion


Fringe Mini Dress c/o Leo & Sage

Over the weekend, Cody and I had our gender reveal party. It was so much fun and I really wish I could go back to not knowing and relive it all again 🙂 We both really wanted a girl (Cody especially), but Cody’s family has majority boys so we were prepared for it to be blue, and we were really surprised and excited to see pink. It was so special to have all our close friends and family there for the big reveal. My two best friends, Jordan and Elizabeth, planned the event along with the help of my parents, sister, and my aunt and uncle (the party was held at my aunt and uncle’s house). Jordan and Elizabeth were the only ones who knew what we were having, and they had to keep it a secret for an entire week. Which basically meant I couldn’t talk to them for a week because they were afraid they’d slip up and say the gender. lol. We had a photo booth (as seen above) where people made their gender predictions. Obviously us girls are smarter than the boys. lol. Jordan made that giant disco ball that the confetti fell from…didn’t she do an amazing job?! I still have it in my house because it’s so cool and I can’t bring myself to throw it away yet. Ha! And Elizabeth made some delicious cupcakes that had a pink heart in the middle. I am just so appreciative of everyone who made the day so special for Cody and me. I really have the best friends and family ever! I made a little video of the gender reveal party and I hope you guys like it 🙂

XO, Kacie


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