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Tan Coat: similar | Black Sweater: similar | Grey Jeans | Scarf c/o Donni Charm | Black Flats: similar

My mom, my sister, and Cody always tell me I’m crazy for wearing flats in the winter instead of boots. They all get super cold feet so they don’t understand how my feet don’t freeze. Honestly, I don’t even notice that my feet are cold until they question me about my shoe choice, and then I realize my feet actually are cold. Haha! Anyways, this is a pretty exciting week in our house. We are in the final stage of weening Hazel off of the pavlik harness for hip dysplasia. Now she gets her days harness free and only has to wear it during naps and at night. Yay! She loves harness free time so we’re super excited! When she started wearing it at 6 days old, she was only allowed 1 minute a day harness free, so now having her harness free during all of her awake time is major 🙂

P.S. Happy Birthday to my sister! Love you Jamie!

XO, Kacie


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