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I can’t even express how obsessed I am with Hazel’s newborn photos! I honestly can’t say how important and special it is to have photos of your newborn, it’s so easy getting pictures of your newborn baby and it’s the best thing you could ever get to remind you of the moments which you shared. We decided to do a more relaxed “at home” style shoot that gives a glimpse into what life was like those first few weeks with her. I literally wore that pajama dress and cardigan practically every day for the first three weeks. The only difference between these pictures and real life is that most days, I didn’t have my makeup done or my hair curled. Ha!

These pictures were taken when Hazel was seven days old. The day before this, she got her pavlik harness (for hip dysplasia) and we were told she had to wear it 23 hours and 59 minutes a day for a month (now she gets 4 hours a day harness free), but the doctor said it was ok for us to take her out of the harness for 15 minutes for pictures, so we did some pictures with and some without the harness. I really wanted to get a good picture of her in the harness though because it’s part of her story, plus she looks so darn cute in it! 🙂 And in case you missed it, you can see a few other photos of just Hazel and me, plus some funny motherhood talk, in this post.

XO, Kacie

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