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By December 12, 2014 31 Comments

I love winter! Cozy scarves, cute layers, green tea, hot cocoa…I really love hot cocoa. But the one thing I conveniently forget each summer when I’m dreaming of cooler days, is just how cold it gets. If I’m outside for more than ten minutes, I’m practically frozen and I don’t even live in a place where it get’s super cold.  I know I could throw on a big coat but that would hide my cute outfit and obviously we can’t have that 😉 So what’s a gal to do? Well folks, I’ve got the answer. Ok, actually Yahoo! Style has the answer. I found this article about how to stay warm without sacrificing your style and there’s only one word for it- genius! Seriously, how did I not think of this before? Adding hidden layers under you clothes? I’ll say it again genius! I’ve started doing this and I think the key is to make sure your hidden layers are thin and fit tightly against your body. You don’t want to be adding extra bulk to your look. You also want to make sure your hidden layers stay hidden. In the outfit above, I tucked in my undershirt to make sure it wouldn’t show. Thank you Yahoo! Style for keeping me stylish and warm! And also, thanks for all the awesome gift guides! If you haven’t checked out their gift guides, you must. I promise you they’ve got a gift guide for everything and everyone. My grandpa has a major sweet tooth and I’ve found a few new treats for him from the Sweet Tooth Gift Guide. And just in case you’re still looking for a little gift for me (*cough* mom), I’d like anything on the Tween Gift Guide. Yes, I know I’m technically not a tween anymore but…


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