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Hospital Gown c/o Della B | Slippers | Swaddle Blankets c/o Aden + Anais | “Hello World” Onesie | Chapstick | Snacks | Too Faced Foundation | Phone Charger | Nursing Dress | Carseat

I can’t believe it’s already been 6 days since Hazel was born! When I was packing my hospital bag for her arrival, I looked on Pinterest to see what I should pack and all the lists had, like, 5o items on them. Let me tell you, you don’t need that much. You can pretty much walk into the hospital with absolutely nothing and be just fine because the hospital provides you with everything you need to care for your baby while you’re there. But there are some things that are nice to have at the hospital to make your stay a little better, so below is my list of must-haves, as well as a list of things that people say you need but you don’t really need 🙂

The Must-Have’s:

Hospital Gown: Not only is this hospital gown from Della B. a hospital must-have, but I think it’s a new mom must-have too. I wore it my entire hospital stay and got tons of compliments on it from the nurses. It’s so much cuter and so much more comfortable than what the hospital gives you. I’ve also been wearing it at home because it’s easy to nurse in. 

Slippers: I wore my slippers every time I got out of my hospital bed because who wants their bare feet on a hospital floor?

Swaddle Blanket: The hospital had blankets that they swaddled Hazel up in, but I was happy to have my own too.

Going Home Outfits (for mom and baby): Hazel wore a cute “Hello World” outfit to go home in, and she looked adorable! The nursing dress from Loyal Hana was perfect for me because it’s loose enough and didn’t rub on my incision from having a c-section. 

Chapstick: I forgot to throw some in my diaper bag but my dad came to the rescue and bought me some 🙂

Snacks: Hospital food isn’t the greatest, plus I’m a super picky eater so I was glad to have my own snacks from home.

Makeup/Toiletries: Since I had a scheduled c-section, I was able to show up with a full face of make-up. It was nice to feel good and look good for pictures,

Phone Charger: We used our phones for pictures so we didn’t want our phones to go dead and miss out on capturing moments with our little baby. Plus, we had people texting or calling to see when they could come visit. Basically, don’t forget your phone charger!

Car Seat: Try to have your car seat installed (and checked by a car seat technician to make sure it’s installed properly) a couple weeks before you due date so you don’t have to worry about don’t that while you’re at the hospital.

The Things You Don’t Really Need:

Diapers & Wipes: The hospital provides this for you so why not use up their supply and save yours for when you get home.

Underwear/Pads: I thought I would want my own underwear because I’ve seen they hospital ones and they didn’t look appealing, but they are super comfortable! My nurse sent me home with a bunch of extra underwear and pads, so I’ve been wearing them at home too.

Nursing Bra: I was in my Della B. hospital gown the whole time and had no need for a bra. It’s funny how after you have a baby, you don’t really care who’s around when you whip out a boob to nurse. lol.

Nipple Cream: My hospital provided me with tons of nipple cream so I never even used what was in my bag.

I hope all you mama’s-to-be found this post helpful!

XO, Kacie


  • Andrea Nine says:

    I’m crying tears of happiness. This is the first time I’ve headed over to your blog in a few days and each time I do I’m like “Wonder if Kacie had had her sweet baby?” and there she is!!! Hazel was my dear grandmother’s name so I LOVE the name and love your sweet faces!! Congratulations!! She’s beautiful and so are you!!! Great job mama!

    • Kacie says:

      Awe! Thank you so much! I’ve heard a lot of people say they have older relatives with the name Hazel too. And my 90 year old grandpa said he thinks it was her grandma’s name too 🙂 Her middle name (Lee) is after my sister, Jamie Lee.

  • Maryanne M says:

    Great advise !! Love the car seat check So important to have it installed properly. When they do car seatchecks 95% are installed incorrectly

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