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For Iris’s 1st birthday in May (how has it already been almost 2 months?), we threw her a Garden Party. I mean, with a name like “Iris”, how could we not? For the party favors, we gave the guests iris bulbs in little flower posts that they could take home and plant in their gardens. We added garden-y touches around the house/yard with watering cans and ceramic pots. And for food we offered “caterpillars” (grapes on skewer), a carrot shaped cheese ball dip, flower shaped cookies, and bamboo plates to eat it on.

Iris was the sweetest little 1 year old, but the poor girl had allergies really bad that day, so she was a bit miserable, as you can see on her face. Her eyes were puffy and watery, her throat was hoarse, and her nose was running. We had her inside the house for as much of the party as possible to help ease her allergies. She barely touched any of her lunch and I don’t think she ate any of her cake either…but Hazel sure loved it! Ha! Iris would smash the cake and feed it to Hazel. They were the cutest sisters that day with Hazel constantly checking on Iris, and Iris always cheering up when Hazel was near.

Happy 1st Birthday Iris! We love you too too much!

XO, Kacie


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