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Canvas Tote Bag

Bleeding Tissue Paper

Spray Bottle and/or Dropper


I love coming up with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day crafts that young kids can do that are things moms and dad will use and enjoy. Not just something that will get put in a memory box and eventually thrown in the trash. I still have last years Mother’s Day craft from Hazel up in our living room as home decor and she loves seeing one of her projects on display for everyone to enjoy.

This year, I came up with this fun tote bag craft. We did it with my sisters two kids (ages 4 and 3) while they were visiting, and they loved it too! The kids all made one for us moms and for the grandmas too 🙂 It is so easy and fun, and great for all that brain development/learning too (fine motor skills, color mixing, cause and effect, etc).

Step 1: Lay tote bag on a flat, protected surface (I also placed a piece of cardboard in the tote bag to protect the other side from leakage)

Step 2: Rip tissue paper and place it on the tote bag

Step 3: Use the dropper or spray bottle to wet the tissue paper with water, and allow to sit for a little bit to let the color bleed onto the tote bag (you can also bunch the wet tissue paper up and use it as a stamp)

Step 4: Lay out to dry

I hope you and your kids enjoy this craft! And Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all you moms!

XO, Kacie

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