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^^ She’s looking at me like, “you’re crazy, mom.” Haha!

mom and baby photosmother baby at home photosmommy and me baby photos

^^ Do you see the milk on the side of her mouth? A second after this picture was taken, she spit up on me!

baby girl photosmommy and baby picturesmother daughter photos


Lace Cami | OTK Socks: similar | Hazel’s Outfit via Marshalls | Hazel’s Bow

Let’s be honest, normally when Hazel and I play in bed together in the mornings, my hair isn’t curled, my makeup isn’t done, and the bed isn’t made (although I do eventually make the bed every day because I can’t stand getting into an unmade bed at night). Being a stay-at-home-mom definitely isn’t as glamorous as people on Instagram, blogs, and Pinterest make it look, but I absolutely love it! And I have loved connecting with so many other moms too. I was asked by amazing mama blogger, Hannah, to be a part of this collaboration with several other mom bloggers (links to their blogs at the end of the post) to share what it’s like being a stay at home mom. Hannah came up with a fun list of questions for us and below are my answers 🙂

  1. Describe a typical day’s schedule? Our days usually start around 7:00am. Although there’s been a couple glorious days where she sleeps until 9:00am and also some days where she’ll wake up at 6:00am (way too early!). When she wakes up, I get her out of her harness and watch her smile and stretch her legs. I bring her into our room and we play in bed for a while, then we get up and both get dressed for the day (she plays in her bouncer seat while I get ready). We head down stairs to let the dogs out and feed them. Then Hazel eats, and then I eat. After that, she does tummy time and plays on her mat until nap time. At 10:00am, I put her in her harness and give her a bottle and hold her while she takes a two hour nap. I set up the computer next to me so I can work on blog stuff while she sleeps. She wakes up at noon, I get her out of her harness, and we talk and play for a bit, then go for a walk (weather permitting) and do a mommy & me workout. After our workout, Hazel does more play/tummy time while I eat lunch. At 2:00pm, I put her in her harness, give her another bottle, then put her in her crib for her three hour nap. Those three hours are my time to get work down on the computer or get things done around the house. Cody get’s home from work at 5:00pm, around the time Hazel is waking up from her nap. I give her a bottle when she wakes up, and then it’s more play/tummy time. At 7:00, she takes a small bottle and then we play some more. We start our bedtime routine at 8:00. We read her a book while the bath tub fills up. Hazel and I take a bath together, and then I hand her to Cody to get her lotioned, dressed, and harnessed while I shower. After I shower, I give her a bottle and usually have her in her crib by 9:00pm. Cody and I have “us time” for about an hour before we head to bed. Then it starts all over again at 7:00am 🙂 Sometimes she still wakes up once at night, but most night she sleeps all the way through.
  2. What is one thing as a mama that makes your heart pitter-patter? I love the way Hazel looks at me. There’s just so much love in her eyes. When she’s being held by somebody else or playing with a new toy, she looks to me for reassurance. And sometimes she’s not happy until she’s in my arms. It just warms my heart.
  3. How has being a mother/homemaker challenged you? I think my biggest challenge has been to not loose myself in motherhood. I’m all about Hazel, but I think it’s important to still have “me time” and also “us time” with just me and Cody. You might have noticed that I haven’t been posting as many outfit photos, and it’s partly because it’s been raining almost non-stop this winter, but mainly because I just haven’t been doing my make-up or getting dressed. And then I start feeling down about myself for looking like such a slob. But last week I started to make it a priority to get ready every day and I’ve been feeling so much better. I also struggle with not getting as much checked off my to-do list as I want. But it will always be there for me to do tomorrow…or even weeks later when I finally get around to it. Ha!
  4. Do you struggle with routine or do you have a happy reliable routine down? I’ve always been a very routine person, so I definitely have Hazel and I on a happy and reliable routine.
  5. What are two things you do for yourself to recharge? Maybe in that coveted “me time” or during nap time? Well, like I mentioned I’ve been struggling with giving myself “me time”. When I’m not interacting with Hazel, I’m doing things around the house or for my blog. But I enjoy blogging so it kind of counts, right? Our walks also kind of count as “me time” because Hazel is entertained by her surroundings. And of course, I enjoy a relaxing shower 🙂
  6. How would you describe your parenting style in three words? Because Hazel is still so little, my job right now is to tend to all of her needs more than it is to truly parent her and teach her right from wrong, etc. But I would say my parenting style is consistent, calm, and happy.
  7. When do you feel the most joy in your day? Right after Hazel wakes up. Although at first I usually wish she would sleep for just a little bit longer ha!, but she’s always so smiley and happy, and it makes me so happy!
  8. Do you ever feel a sense of guilt being a stay at home mom? Sometimes I feel insecure about it, like other people might judge me and think it’s not actually work.
  9. Share three activities/places/crafts you currently enjoy with your babes? We do a mommy & me workout, sing and play, and I also document all our memories with her by taking pictures and writing in a journal every night.
  10. Lastly, just for fun, how many babies do you want to have? We want to have one more baby, and we’d like our kids to be close in age.

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XO, Kacie


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