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LipSense (colors First Love and Nude) 10% off with code “ELEMENTSOFELLIS”

I give Hazel about 967,267,358 kisses a day, and my lipstick used to always rub off on her cheeks. And not only that, but Hazel also likes to grab my lips which makes my lipstick smear all over my face and ruin my makeup. So I would pretty much either not wear lipstick or not kiss Hazel. But now I can do both because I found lipstick that seriously, does. not. come. off. I’m talking about LipSense you guys. You’ve probably heard of it because it’s so popular right now. Basically, it’s a two part lip system and once you put it on, it does not move. Trust me, I’ve put it to the test with baby kisses, eating, drinking, etc.

First you apply your color (they have 33 colors to choose from) in three thin layers and then top is off with gloss. I use the matte gloss because I like matte lips, but they have several different glosses to choose from to. I also have the glossy gloss, which I use to keep my lips moisturized even when I’m not wearing LipSense.

LipSense colors seem like they’re so hard to come by these days because distributers are selling out faster than LipSense can keep up with, but my girl Ashly from The Lippie Lounge has tons in stock, including my favorite, First Love. You guys seriously must check out her in stock section and try this amazingness for yourself. She has a Facebook page where she shares tips and tricks to help you get the longest wear out of your lipsense + a monthly VIP sale/giveaway. She’s also offering 10% off with code ELEMENTSOFELLIS. Just visit this page to see her colors in stock and comment “SOLD (elementsofellis)” under the picture.

Have any of you tried LipSense yet? Do you love it as much as I do?

XO, Kacie


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