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PinPal #1:

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PinPal #2:

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PinPal #3:

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Growing up, I always wanted a pen pal, and when my friend moved away in 3rd grade, I finally got one. We each wrote one letter and then realized that writing letters isn’t as fun as playing outside with friends, so our pen pal friendship ended. Haha! But you know what is as fun? Shopping! So now, thanks to Marshalls, I have three “Pin Pals“.

A lot like Pinterest, Marshalls is a place you can go for inspiration and surprising new finds. You can find so many new items or styles that you never knew you loved or needed. I’ve teamed up with Marshalls to bring three of my top Pinterest followers’ boards/pins to life with a surprise box full of Marshalls goodies. I first browsed through their Pinterest boards and pins to discover what they like and get inspiration. Then, with a $100 budget for each of them, I headed to Marshalls to see what I could find.

Pin Pal #1 pinned a lot of black, white, and tan to her style board, so I wanted to stick to those colors. Her style inspiration seemed to be classic pieces with a trendy twist. The black backpack was the first item I picked up for her. Backpacks are so on trend, but the style of this one is simple and classic. Score!

Pin Pal #2 had so many boards for me to get inspiration from. From an owl board to style boards (featuring lots of classic nude bags) to an essential oil board to a planner/organization board, I was able to really bring her pins to life. She also pinned a lot of portable phone charges, so I was super excited when I found the fun tassel with a hidden phone charger inside the tassels (and it was only $13!). It will look so cute clipped onto her bag!

Pin Pal #3 not only loves coffee mugs (which is obvious by her board dedicated to them), but I also discovered that she’s getting married at the end of this year! I thought the coffee and roses scrub would be a great way for her to relax from all the stress leading up to the wedding, and the photo album would be perfect for pictures of her and her husband’s new adventure as a married couple. Of course, I had to throw in a purse because all girls love purses, right? I think the purses were the items I was most excited to pick out for each of my Pin Pals. I’ve always loved shopping for purses at Marshalls because they have the cutest styles for the best prices.

It was honestly so much fun shopping for my Pin Pals and picking out all their goodies. Now it’s time to package them up and send them on their way. 🙂 Be sure to follow the Marshalls Pin Pals Pinterest board, you never know when you’ll find a #MarshallsSurprise!

XO, Kacie

This post is sponsored by Marshalls. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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